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Originally published June 29 2011

CSI - Eat responsibly with Common Sense Indulgence

by Suzanne Meier

(NaturalNews) Food is fun. Food is indulgence. Food is a sensation for the senses... but not for all creatures involved in the process. Those, who end up on our plate as 'delicacies', most likely underwent tremendous misery, prior to representing the main item on a nicely decorated plate. Today's food production is merciless and inhumane. The torturing of animals on factory farms is revolting. The chemicals packed into food are equally ghastly. The job to sift and separate the edibles from the non-edibles is up to the CSI (Common Sense Indulgence) consumer.

Do you care about the treatment, processing and origins of one of life's greatest pleasures - culinary delights?

- Do you worry about how much suffering lived inside that burger you just devoured?
- Are you concerned about what that fried chicken endured before it landed in your mouth?
- Are you curious whether there is anything 'cheesy' in cream cheese at all or whether that hen that laid your breakfast sunny side up ever saw daylight?

Humans enjoy a very deep relationship with food. We allow edibles to penetrate and flush through the entire bodily structure. It sits, festers, moves and pushes through the inner drainage system. Attractive foodstuff smuggles its way in without obstacles at the mouth border. No declaration of chemicals, pesticides, nitrites, flavorings is necessary to proceed. All is swallowed up, despite attempted pat downs from various 'organ' guards. Inspections are overruled by glitzy propaganda the food is accompanied by. Guards know better, but the owner rarely listens. The 'eater' ignores frantic calls for help until the guards surrender their weapons and allow the invasion. Depending on the type of enemy, the length and cost of the conflict may vary. A battle may involve various contracted and official armies, depending on what concessions the victim makes. If the invasion is timely, there may be hope for an early withdrawal of the forces. However, if the conflict is drawn out too long, a withdrawal may never occur and the victim will forever depend on the foreign occupation.

It's a choice. To keep the body invasion-free, the guards must be kept in good mood and food must be scrutinized before issuance of a residence permit. Contaminated foods must be rejected at the border until proper forms are available.

Responsible, sustainable eating is the name of the game. Doing so involves caring and knowing the inner and outer life of sustenance.

It is understandable nobody wants to face the truth and look at footage of animals living in crowded, unsanitary conditions, suffering for companies bent on maximizing production. No one desires to hear about the drug-addict cows who inject themselves with growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids before the dreaded trip to the slaughterhouse.

It is obvious we pretend not to see the disturbing pictures of the least protected farm animal - the chicken - suffering and wasting away in a battery cage, laying one pale egg after another, before she is deemed 'spent' and ends up in the trash bin.

There are endless examples of cruelty.

Nevertheless, consumers have the power of choice. With food research, label reading, and local farm or organic market shopping, we can make the guards happy and avoid 'alien invasions'. The challenge is ours. We are forced to transform into CSI agents, to get to the bottom of the ingredient list and to find the disguised intruders. Sneaky food giants surprise with fresh tactics constantly. Detecting GMO, for example, is like finishing the Rubik's cube - tough, but doable!

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Suzanne Meier, BA, CN, Author.
Born in Switzerland, Suzanne has since lived in the US (most of her life), Canada, Sri Lanka, England and Peru. She truly acts and writes from a ‘four corners of the world’ perspective. Her locally derived knowledge contributes to a unique cultural insight on how each solitary individual affects the collective whole. After having been caught in an act of war, which triggered a transforming spiritual experience, Suzanne’s in-depth search for truth, healing and spiritual awakening accelerated greatly.
Her book "Becoming Human Again - From Sheeple To People", discusses the global manipulation of human kind at every level and how to use consciousness to break free.

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