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Originally published June 17 2011

Stop legalization of GMOs in Bolivia by sending this urgent letter

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) South America is home to a diverse array of unique plants and food crops, which collectively have fed and sustained many generations of natives, as well as those to whom such goods have been exported over the years. Sadly, much of that biodiversity is being squelched by the introduction of genetically-modified (GM) cash crops like corn and soy, which now dominate much of the agricultural land in countries like Brazil and Argentina. And Bolivia, which has been moving towards becoming GM-free in recent years, could go the same route as the others if current efforts there to legalize more GM crops are not thwarted.

Various civil groups within Bolivia are petitioning the world for help to stop a proposal recently made by President Evo Morales to the national parliament that would establish a regime for the "control of production, import and marketing of GM products." Reversing his previous position against GM crops, Morales is apparently now moving towards opening wide the floodgates for the introduction of more GM crops in his country.

Last year, Morales stated publicly his belief that, in his own words, "GM products do much damage." He added that scientific evidence proves that GM crops are unsafe, and that many will deny or ignore this fact. But eventually, he said, those in support of expanded GM cultivation and use would come to realize that Frankencrops are a detriment to agricultural biodiversity, and that they are a bad route to take. He even urged that Bolivia become GM-free within five years.

But something changed between the time Morales made such statements, and when he introduced the recent draft legislation entitled "the law of the agricultural production community revolution." Most likely, this change of mind was spurred by pressure from the biotechnology industry, and specifically Monsanto, which currently plants the only GM crops permitted in Bolivia, Roundup-ready soybeans.

There is still time to change President Morales' mind, though. GMWatch has posted a form letter with a petition to stop the passage of the new legislation, and to continue the former goal of making Bolivia a GM-free nation as quickly as possible. The letter includes the email addresses for President Morales, as well as several other decision makers as well. The time to act is now, as a decision on the matter is imminent.

To send a copy of the petition letter, visit:

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