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Originally published May 31 2011

American Dietetic Association passing legislation to seize control over nutritionists

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Well-qualified nutritionists that have been trained in proper nutrition, and that understand that simple calorie counting is not enough to ensure good health, are threatened by American Dietetic Association-sponsored (ADA) legislation quietly being passed all across the US. According to the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), the ADA has already sponsored legislation in more than 40 US states that seeks to gain complete control over the practice of nutritional therapies, and if left unchallenged, practicing nutritionists that fail to become certified under new ADA guidelines for both dietitians and nutritionists could lose their freedom to practice.

Most NaturalNews readers probably already know that official US guidelines for proper diet and nutrition are greatly lacking -- and in many cases, they are flat-out wrong and misleading. And sadly, this bad information ends up getting relayed on a wide scale through groups like the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and dietitians that have become licensed using the group's curriculum.

Nutritionists have long been free to practice nutritional therapies without the need to be specifically accredited by the ADA. Many nutritionists understand that the type and quality of food people eat, and whether or not that food has been refined or processed, for instance, is a crucially-important factor when determining whether or not dietary practices are healthy. Many dietitians, on the other hand, lack a proper understanding of real nutrition, and instead regurgitate outdated and inaccurate material that has been approved by the ADA.

What the issue comes down to is the fact that the ADA simply does not like that many practicing nutritionists are operating outside of its control. It doesn't matter whether or not nutritionists have masters or doctorate degrees, or even if they are certified under other regulatory bodies -- the ADA wants all dietitians and nutritionists under its own certifying banner, and the type of legislation it is sponsoring all across the country seeks to make this a reality.

For further information about the ADA's efforts to create a nutritional therapy monopoly, and to help stop the numerous attempts being made at passing legislation to supports this agenda, visit:

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