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Originally published May 18 2011

MinuteClinic adds beneficial vitamin B-12 injections to treatment lineup while also adding HPV vaccine

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The drug store chain CVS has announced two new additions to its "MinuteClinic" lineup of treatments -- one, the addition of vitamin B-12 injections, and the other, the addition of Merck & Co., Inc.'s, HPV vaccine Gardasil. The co-announcement is an interesting one as vitamin B-12 injections, which are helpful for boosting blood levels of the beneficial vitamin, actually help to alleviate the very same neurological problems that are caused by receiving vaccines.

Readers who are unfamiliar with the laundry list of severe side effects caused by receiving the HPV vaccine may want to pore through the countless stories of serious injuries and deaths that have taken place among young girls that have received the shots. Many of those same girls that have undergone the three-step HPV vaccine protocol are now paralyzed, chronically ill, or dead -- and many girls met this fate before even receiving the entire three-shot series ((

Nevertheless, the CVS MinuteClinic has decided, in the same train of thought, that there is "an increasing medical need for patients to gain more convenient access to vitamin B-12 injections and HPV vaccinations."MinuteClinic's chief medical officer Nancy Gagliano, MD, did not make it clear why the two injections have jointly made their debut together, but she apparently believes that the population needs quick access to both types of injection, despite the fact that there is absolutely no legitimate evidence available proving that the HPV vaccine is effective at protecting girls against cervical cancer.

Vitamin B-12 injections on the other hand, which are typically composed of the cyanocobalamin form of B-12, are often administered to patients with low red blood cell counts, as well as to those who suffer from chronic fatigue, because this vitamin helps to improve energy levels. Vitamin B-12 is crucial for energy metabolism, and it also helps to maintain the central nervous system, brain, and spinal cord (though the best form of it is arguably methylcobalamin) (

Interestingly, many of the symptoms vitamin B12 injections help treat actually involve the very same side effects caused by the HPV vaccines -- loss of energy, nerve and brain damage, arthritis, and various neurological problems. So parents who get their daughters -- or now even their sons ( -- vaccinated against HPV may then need to get those same children injected with vitamin B-12 in order to help mitigate the damage caused by the vaccines. And now they can do both at the MinuteClinic (at their own peril)!

Perhaps it is just a disturbing coincidence, but it appears that the unveiling of these two opposing injections at the same time is just another ironic case of poor marketing done in bad taste -- at best. But whether strategic or based in ignorance, MinuteClinic's decision to release a high-risk vaccine along with a nutrient injection that may help treat the damage caused by that same vaccine shows that the group is not exactly a trustworthy source of medical advice.

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