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Originally published May 13 2011

Learn how to live vibrantly through a better understanding of the body, illness, and disease prevention

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The key to real health is not simply avoiding disease and getting by, but also equipping the body so that it can function with true vigor and vibrancy. In the new educational course, "Cultivating Vibrance: Understanding the Body, Illness, and Prevention," Dr. Aumatma Shah, ND, MS, explains in simple terms precisely how the body works, how environmental toxins destroy health. She also covers how to properly eat and live in order to both avoid the things that lead to bad outcomes while pursuing the things that lead to optimum health.

If you've ever wanted to go deeper into learning how your bodily organs and systems work with one another to maintain health, how they communicate with one another, how they scavenge and detoxify, how they prevent disease, how they create energy, and how they improve well-being when functioning optimally, Dr. Shah's course will teach you this and more in terms you can easily follow.

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As a background, Dr. Shah is the founding doctor of the Karma Clinic, a network of like-minded doctors and health practitioners that share their knowledge with others as a free gift. Dr. Shah specializes in naturopathy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, healthy cooking, and intuitional energy healing. You can learn more about the Karma Clinic here:

Included in Dr. Shah's new course are three downloadable videos totaling 65 minutes in length, as well as a 12-minute audio segment, three downloadable documents, and a 45-slide presentation. The set includes:

- A 45-minute lecture by Dr. Shah explaining the various bodily organs, their individual roles in health, and how they all work together to maintain a cohesive fortress of vibrant health

- Dr. Shah's five natural therapeutic strategies to prevent and heal disease

- A map of the 16 most common, hidden, and insidious environmental toxins that disrupt the body's signaling system

- Details about how the brain works together with the gut to maintain and improve health

- Nine ways to energize, detoxify, alkalize, protect, and prevent disease

- The top three herbs every person should be taking for good health

The materials, utensils, and cookware you use in your kitchen can make all the difference in your health, and Dr. Shah understands this. So she has also included a video that reveals the types of ladles, spatulas, pots and pans, rice cookers, kettles, water filters, and other tools she personally uses to protect her health and avoid toxins.

Dr. Shah has also included a personal interview with filmmaker Michael A. Bedar about how she brought her Ambrosia Juice Bar concept into a conventional restaurant, and how she practices what she preaches in terms of healthy living.

You won't want to miss this highly-informative course packed with useful, simple-to-understand information that will transform the way you view health. And by learning and integrating the concepts Dr. Shah has to offer, you will be well on your way to actually feeling and living the vibrantly healthy life you've always dreamed of living.

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