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Originally published May 13 2011

Cannabis cure stories keep coming out

by Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) Cannabis was used for two recently publicized cures of serious disease. Both treatments were done surreptitiously in the USA. Fifteen states have legalized medical marijuana minimally and twelve others are considering the same. But the Obama administration is unleashing their Fed dogs on those legal medical marijuana outlets.

Few or no deaths have occurred from hemp remedies over the centuries. Yet over 100,000 die annually from correctly prescribed pharmaceutical prescriptions in the USA alone. Go figure!

Legal Medical Marijuana

In states that permit medical marijuana, smoking weed eliminates glaucoma symptoms. But its legal use is more often relegated to soften side effects of toxic chemicals such as chemo or to help cancer and AIDs cachexia patients regain their appetites. In other words, it's allowed more as a comforting adjunct to mainstream medicine than as a cure.

The most famous pioneer of cannabis hemp oil, Rick Simpson, who is exiled in Europe, has said smoking weed doesn't cure much. Instead, THC hemp oil needs to be produced and ingested. This achieves miraculous results. He used his oil topically to fully cure his skin cancer when the medicos couldn't in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Then he gave it freely to fellow local citizens who needed something the medical system wasn't providing, complete cures for cancer and heart disease. Keep in mind that Canadians don't have to pay out of pocket for medical expenses. So they weren't looking for a cheap fix. They were seeking complete recoveries. And they all got that from ingesting small amounts of Rick's free cannabis hemp oil.

Two Amazing Stories

The most recent involves a two year old boy and his father. This story was picked up by the London Daily Mail. The boy had brain cancer and was totally debilitated. Brain surgery removed only ten percent of the tumor, so in came the chemo. The boy got worse and worse. He couldn't eat at all. The dad found out about hemp oil and he got some legally in Montana.

The father knew the doctors wouldn't let him use it, so he surreptitiously fed it to his son through the boy's physically attached feed tube. Improvement began within days. Within a few months, the boy was cancer free. A year later, he is still cancer free. The father never told the doctors about the oil. The docs were probably high-fiving over their medical efforts while oblivious of the cannabis.

Then there is a young woman, Shona Banda, whose book Live Free or Die is based on her recovery from Crohn's disease using hemp oil. Until she discovered cannabis, she had undergone 15 surgeries and had "every removable organ removed". Her condition only worsened.

She was using a water cooled bong to smoke her weed at first because she couldn't find a hemp oil source. Then she noticed an oily film collecting inside the bong's glass globe. She began scrapping it off and ingesting it daily. She had stumbled upon a lighter version of cannabis hemp oil. Nevertheless, it cured her.

History and Research

Hemp cannabis extracts were prescribed by MDs and sold in pharmacies before hemp was banned in the USA. Actually, cannabis cure-all use goes back centuries.

Recent research in Japan, Italy, and the USA has proven THC cannabis destroys cancer cells without harming others. Why doesn't this information get out more? Here's an example of why. The NIH (National Health Institute) funded a Virginia study to prove weed damages the immune system. When the lab demonstrated cannabis was safe and killed cancer cells, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) shut it down.

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