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Originally published May 3 2011

Einkorn - Historic hulls unlock healthier diet for all

by Alex Malinsky aka RawGuru

(NaturalNews) The roots of Einkorn wheat grain reach back over 12,000 years ago, to the Epi-Paleolithic period in the rich soils of Western Asia called the Fertile Crescent. As the first wheat species grown by man in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A and B periods (circa 7500 BCE), Einkorn is considered the purest form of wheat. When compared to the modern wheat of today, Einkorn takes the lead in providing more antioxidant vitamins, such as beta-carotene, Vitamin A, lutein, and riboflavin; the grain also retains more of its nutrition during food processing and bread baking.

Current day studies have shown that Einkorn may be a viable dietary option for patients suffering celiac disease; this is a hereditary chronic gastrointestinal condition whereby the intestines cannot digest the gliadin (i.e. the alcohol-soluble simple protein portion of wheat) causing an immune response which destroys the mucous membrane of the intestines. While Einkorn may be a more palatable and nutritious food for those celiac patients on a gluten-free diet, Einkorn crops do not grow wildly abundant. Increased production will be necessary in the near future to make Einkorn more widely available.

History states that heirloom Einkorn grains proved too difficult to use in the making of bread; contemporary society has found new ways to make not only bread, but also pancakes, pasta, and any other recipe which requires flour. In fact, some consumers prefer the whole grain pasta made from Einkorn versus the other types of wheat. Einkorn pastas do not possess a slimy consistency, mix extremely well with sauce flavors, and do not easily fall apart.

It is interesting to note that Einkorn breads significantly retained their high antioxidant values throughout the baking process, as compared to plain bread wheat and durum semolina wheat. Regarding Vitamin A, Einkorn touts thirty-five (35) times more of this nutritional constituent than its modern-day counterparts, thus improving eye and reproductive organ health, and preventing cancers. Lutein is four (4) times more abundant in Einkorn than its contemporaries, which helps to prevent macular degeneration and cataracts. Finally, riboflavin is up to five (5) times more concentrated in Einkorn than in modern wheat; riboflavin is used by the human body to synthesize energy and as an antioxidant to slow the aging process.

The above-mentioned antioxidants are not the only nutritional values Einkorn offers; the grain's carotenoid levels also proved to be better retained through the baking process. Einkorn provides up to four (4) times more beta-carotene than other wheat grains, which boosts immunity and assists in preventing cancer and heart disease. This, in itself, makes Einkorn an excellent food choice to improve contemporary diets. Einkorn offers high levels of protein for consumers as well.

As more and more people seek improved overall health through better nutrition, they find themselves traveling back to organic basics. Regarding Einkorn wheat, more and more consumers are traveling even further back in time to discover the heirloom organic secrets of Mother Earth.


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