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Originally published April 8 2011

Plasma donation may result in premature natural death

by Prof. Karl West

(NaturalNews) Given the facts, anyone might surmise that nobody can lose a significant portion of their blood plasma without sharply decreasing the body`s ability to renew itself for at least twenty-four hours, among other things...

Cells must "eat" albumin through a process called pinocytosis. Today's college biology textbooks make it look as if the cell is engulfing only water, and they fail to properly credit the albumin plasma protein (as if cells had to eat water). It is composed of a perfect balance of amino acids, and it is the greatest source of building materials for all cellular constructs as well as for cellular reproduction. If cells were to reproduce without albumin, they would reduce in size each time.

The body is a sponge matrix of various types of water compartments, most of which must be maintained with precision. Every compartment of the body must have access to a continual supply of plasma proteins that invariably hold a certain amount of fluid. Remember, it is the particulates that hold the water, constituting the fluid for the proper hydration of the entire vascular tree, each potential space, and the joints.

Furthermore, under normal circumstances there is something called "net-filtration"; this occurs when a controlled level of albumin escapes from your blood stream (with a certain amount of sodium and water) to filter in between your cells. This forms tiny rivers to facilitate the transportation of everything and anything your body needs to move around (see Your Body`s Amazing Filtration System).

Most of your body`s metabolic waste (or junk) must be bound to your albumin molecules and invariably vacuumed out of your tissue spaces by your ultra vast lymphatic system. This amount of net-filtration is designed to increase (thereby requiring increased lymphatic activity) under heavy physical exertion, stress, shock, poison, or injury to enable your lymphatic system to deal with larger amounts of metabolic waste, debris, or toxins.

Since your lymphatic system is intended to literally vacuum pack all your tissues in your body, this suction produced by the lymph system creates a void: a negative pressure in between your cells that literally allows your blood stream to act as the environment for all of your cells (which is ideal).

Normally there is a very dynamic exchange of the liquid portion of your plasma between your blood stream and your tissues. Water irrigates from the arterial side and straight across into the venous side with extreme ease (when the blood stream is properly constituted). This certainly wouldn`t need to be so dynamic were it not for the amount of constant oxygenation required by every tissue, every organ in the body.

Thus it stands to reason that if cells don`t get enough oxygen they will run out of the fuel for each part of the body to function properly. If tissues can be damaged this way, could the result be premature aging, loss of energy - perhaps even disease and death?

One woman replied that she had special antibodies that were needed to save the lives of infants. If her plasma was needed to save the lives of infants, it was a good thing to do. However, the woman died at about half of her life expectancy about two years later of what was classified officially as natural death. So the question is: Was her plasma really used to save the lives of any children?

In summary, we may wish to exercise caution with regard to this practice.

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Prof. Karl West is the current President of the International Academy of Lymphology; originally founded by Dr. C. Samuel West.
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