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Originally published April 5 2011

Fukushima is now the radioactive Deepwater Horizon of the Pacific

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) With its massive, ongoing release of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, Fukushima has become the Deepwater Horizon of the Pacific. As finally admitted by Japanese authorities, Fukushima is releasing massive quantities of radioactive material into the ocean on an ongoing basis.

This highly contaminated water (7.5 million times) being released today is just the beginning: At least 200 tons of water are being poured onto Reactor No 2 every day, and that extremely radioactive water is, of course, ultimately getting dumped directly into the ocean.

If you do the math, that's 48,000 gallons of highly radioactive water being flushed into the Pacific Ocean each and every day.

Remember the video of the dark, cloudy oil gushing out of the hole in the ocean floor underneath BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig? Now imagine an invisible cloud that's far more deadly because it's radioactive! That's essentially what we have now with Fukushima.

The seafood is somehow still safe to eat, we're told

Not surprisingly, the fish being caught off the coast of Japan are already showing high levels of radioactive contamination. (And remember, they all told us that the seafood would be perfectly safe!)

So-called "sand lance" fish are now being detected with 4,080 becquerels of iodine-131 per kilogram. (

Japan was quick to announce new levels of allowable radiation in fish that make up to 2,000 becquerels of iodine-131 legal. This official limit will no doubt be rapidly adjusted upward as more and more radiation contaminates the oceans. Before long, we'll all be eating fish with a hundred thousand becquerels of iodine-131, and the government will say it's somehow actually good for you!

The Pacific Ocean is like a giant swimming pool, we're told

The explanations of why this is all no big concern border on the comically insane. Hidehiko Nishiyama, the official excuse-maker for Japan's nuclear industry, is now on the record saying, "We've decided that discharging the contaminated water into the sea poses no major health hazard."

What a relief! Now that a bureaucrat has decided it's safe for us, we have nothing to worry about! I suppose that if Nishiyama were a Jedi master who could move oceans with his mind, then maybe his wishful thinking might actually have some measurable impact, but given that the man appears to possess no telekinetic powers (or even powers of rational thought, for that matter), we might want to get a second opinion from someone whose nose isn't shoved two meters up the anus of the nuclear power industry.

The Americans, too, are getting in their brown-nosing licks in while the nuclear contamination of the world continues. Timothy Jorgensen, chair of the radiation safety committee at Georgetown University Medical Center, believes the Pacific Ocean is like a collection of trillions of swimming pools. And he says flushing huge quantities of radioactive water into the ocean is essentially no big deal:

"To put this in perspective, the Pacific Ocean holds about 300 trillion swimming pools full of water, and they are going to release about five swimming pools full."

Except there are three huge problems with this fairy tale explanation. First, they're releasing 48,000 gallons of radioactive water EVERY DAY into the Pacific, with no end in sight. Even according to Japan's own reluctant admissions, this process could go on for years -- even decades!

Secondly, if releasing radioactive water into the ocean is no big deal, then why don't we just build all our nuclear power plants on the coast and have them all routinely dump their radioactive water into the ocean instead of bothering with recirculating radioactive coolant liquids?

Thirdly, the Pacific Ocean is not a giant swimming pool, and the water isn't all "churned up" and homogenized. In fact, the circulation of the water in the Pacific is actually limited to some surprisingly narrow channels. For example, most of the deep water in the Pacific Ocean hasn't seen the surface of the planet for thousands of years. There is a very long cycle of water movement at work in the ocean, and any assumption that somehow a massive dump of radiation into the ocean is magically and instantly going to be dispersed across tens of trillions of gallons of ocean water is just pure lunacy.

Once again, we see scientists resorting to describing what they wish would happen rather than what will actually happen. I suppose we can all play that same game, no?

I wish all the Fukushima radiation would simply stop being emitted, and that the laws of physics will be suspended in Fukushima so that spent nuclear fuel rods magically and suddenly stop engaging in nuclear fission. There. That's my wish. Did it work? Probably no better than Jorgensen's wish that radioactive water will be magically dispersed across the entire Pacific Ocean. When wishful thinking collides with the laws of physics, the laws of physics usually win unless you're an ascended master who can literally part the seas with the power of intention. And Japan's nuclear engineers are not ascended masters.

Oh, now we'll just dilute all the poison to spread it around!

But the wishful thinking will continue nonetheless. Says Jorgensen, "So hopefully the churning of the ocean and the currents will quickly disperse this [radiation] so that it gets to very dilute concentrations relatively quickly."

By that same logic, we could all just dump raw sewage into the oceans, too, and hope that the trillions of gallons of ocean water would just disperse it all.

This was, of course, precisely the strategy of BP following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill: Let's just dump a few million gallons of toxic chemicals in the gulf and then hope the ocean just disperses it all! (Oh, never mind all the dead sea turtles or the human side effects of Corexit... we'll just pretend those don't exist.)

In both cases -- Fukushima and Deepwater Horizon -- was have a human-made disaster being managed by morons, covered-up by governments and misreported by the mainstream media. And we'll all told there's nothing to worry about... we should all just return to our normal lives of watching television, eating processed irradiated FDA-approved food, and doing what we're told.

Be an obedient worker

That's the Japanese way, you see: Order and obedience. Stay calm while your government lies to you about just how badly you're being poisoned.

But it's also the American way, too, thanks to our "do nothing" government that's spending us into financial oblivion while pretending all the big problems don't exist. Runaway debt spending? Deepwater Horizon? Fukushima radioactive fallout? It's all just in your head, you see. According to our governments, none of these problems exist at all. And anyone who even talks about them is just fear mongering, didn't you know?

Because you're not supposed to talk about nuclear catastrophes. You're supposed to just pretend it doesn't exist and wish it all away. And if the radioactive numbers get too high and scary, don't worry: Your government will either just turn off the radiation detectors or raise the limits of allowable radiation in order to accommodate the new sky-high levels of ionizing radiation you're being exposed to.

See? Who said governments don't solve problems? They seem to be doing an outstanding job with Fukushima, just as they did with Deepwater Horizon.

The drilling of the ocean floor underneath Deepwater Horizon, by the way, just began anew last week. But the screwing of the people of the world by the energy industry will, of course, go on forever.

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