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Originally published March 22 2011

'Dying to Have Known' documentary features Gerson Therapy natural cancer cure

by Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The small California town of Oakhurst recently had several screenings of the 2006 film Dying to Have Known, a well-done and highly-informative documentary by esteemed filmmaker Steve Kroschel that explores the evidence and effectiveness of the infamous Gerson Therapy in treating and curing cancer naturally. Dr. Carl Bosco, a practicing naturopathic doctor for 35 years, organized the viewings of the film, which highlights numerous individual cases of cancers cured using Gerson Therapy, as well as interviews with various doctors and medical experts who share their honest assessment of its viability.

The Gerson Therapy is named after Dr. Max Gerson who developed the protocol in the 1920s as a way to naturally activate the body's own healing capacity and help it to overcome serious and allegedly incurable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer. The therapy involves the use of natural foods and fresh juices to treat and cure such diseases, as well as restore health to people who suffer from them.

In the film, Kroschel speaks with many folks who cured their cancers using Gerson therapy, including a man named Ned Wright who successfully overcame testicular cancer. After unsuccessfully trying chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer, Wright's doctor suggested a bone marrow transplant and higher doses of chemotherapy. But Wright decided instead to try Gerson Therapy instead, and experienced incredible success.

"The diet was tough and time consuming, but I followed it just as the Gerson doctor had prescribed," Wright is quoted as saying in the Sierra Star. "As you can see by my testimony ... I am alive by God's grace and the Gerson Therapy. I am now a Gerson person, because of a little-known man's passion for healing."

Because the Gerson Therapy is based on a whole-body holistic healing approach, it can treat a variety of chronic illnesses in addition to cancer. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs and other conventional treatments that target just one specific disease for treatment while inflicting serious side effects, the Gerson Therapy heals systemically through strong nutrition and dietary supplementation, while improving the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

Last year, NaturalNews featured an exclusive interview between Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and Charlotte Gerson, daughter of Dr. Max Gerson ( In the interview, Gerson explains the history of the cancer industry, as well as some details about the natural healing protocols her father discovered. You can listen to that interview title Health Ranger Report #87 here:

You can also find the Dying to Have Known documentary and several other great movies about natural cancer cures here:

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