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Originally published March 20 2011

Take a closer look at iridology

by Shona Botes

(NaturalNews) Iridology is the analysis of the iris, which is the part of the eye that shows colour. All of the lines and markings in the eye are studied during this process. By doing this, iridologists claim to be able to see conditions such as poor digestion, constipation, spinal misalignment, mineral deficiencies, heart problems, high cholesterol levels and even blood sugar imbalances.

The iris consists of detailed fibres and pigmentation, which are able to reflect information such as psychological as well as physical make up. This information enables iridologists to identify possible inherited dispositions, possible risk areas of the health and even future health challenges which may occur.

Many people can benefit from this holistic practice: including those who have been subject to failed medical treatments, parents of children who are unable to determine what is wrong with their child, children of adoptive parents who wish to know more about their biological genetic make-up, those suffering from undiagnosed or misdiagnosed medical conditions, expectant mothers who wish to enhance their pregnancy, those interested in natural healing and those who wish to know the source or cause of an illness or condition.

The iris is made up of hundreds of thousands of nerve endings which in turn are connected to each part of the body, brain and nervous system. These nerve fibres respond to changes in organ and tissue composition and display themselves in the iris as colour variations and lesions. The iris chart complied by Dr Bernard Jensen represents the basic placement of the organs and tissues. By superimposing this chart over an iris image projection, it is possible to analyse the iris accurately.

Changes inside the body are visible in the iris before any of the physical symptoms have developed. This enables individuals to take preventative action to avoid disease. It is important to note however that iridology does not name any specific diseases or conditions. Instead, it provides information about parts of the body which may indicate tendencies towards a particular disease or condition. It is also not able to reveal whether any surgery has been performed on the body because while the body is under anaesthesia, all nerve impulses are halted or discontinued. Iridology also cannot diagnose or locate gallstones or parasites, but it is able to indicate the presence of toxic conditions or inflammation.

Over the past few years, iridology has gained popularity with holistic practitioners throughout the United States.


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