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Originally published March 15 2011

A single homeopathic medicine converts a skeptical doctor

by Madeleine Innocent

(NaturalNews) James Compton Burnett (1840 - 1901) is one of the big names in homoeopathy. His practice was legendary, with more patients than most doctors can manage, let alone homoeopaths (who take much longer to assess their patients). He took copious notes and his case studies of successfully treated people are still available. But he wasn't always passionate about homeopathy. At one time, he was a highly skeptical doctor.

It all started on a dull, dreary afternoon when he was on duty in the hospital, writing death certificates. He suddenly felt, for the umpteenth time, a great dissatisfaction of his clinical results. A young waif, Georgie, had died. He didn't have a home, so the hospital has taken him in. He had just died of pleurisy.

That evening, Burnett poured out his troubles to a friend. He was contemplating leaving medicine and England and traveling to America to farm.

Somehow his friend persuaded him to study homoeopathy first.

But Burnett was highly skeptical. He didn't feel there was any chance he could become a homeopath. So he decided to study it to expose it as a lying sham. At least that would get him peer approval.

At some early stage in his studies, he decided to conduct an experiment on his wards, to prove his point. He put a few drops of an indicated remedy in a large bottle of water and gave it to the nurse of the children's ward with instructions to give it to all the children on one side of the ward, but not to those on the other side. Those on the other side were to be treated normally.

The next morning he discovered that all the children, who had been treated homeopathically, were free from fever and playing on their beds. Those on the other side were the same or worse.

And so it went on day after day. He was simply dumbfounded and couldn't accept what was happening.

Eventually, it was a nurse who made him see what was apparent to everyone else. He was unable to do his usual rounds for two days. On returning to the hospital, the nurse of the children's ward seemed rather quiet.

She informed Burnett that all the children were well and could be dismissed.

On further enquiry, the nurse explained:

"Well, doctor, I gave your medicine to all the children. I had not the heart to see you go on with your cruel experiments any longer. You are like all the young doctors that come here - you are only trying experiments."

History is littered with other doctors who were skeptical of homeopathy, decided to study it to expose it, and ended up passionate converts.

When the indicated homeopathic medicine is used appropriately, great results can be expected.

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Madeleine Innocent is a full time natural health consultant specialising in diet-for-health and homeopathy. She treats both people and animals within these two disciplines and offers consultations in her clinic in Perth Australia and on-line.
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