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Originally published March 9 2011

Incurable Diseases and Natural Solutions on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour

by Jonathan Landsman

(NaturalNews) What is the root cause of ALL disease? And, do you believe you can cure any disease without drugs or surgery? The NaturalNews Talk Hour presents Incurable Diseases and Natural Solutions with our special guest Dr. Leonard Coldwell. Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear one of the greatest physicians of our time!

"I listened to the NaturalNews Talk Hour last night and it was amazing!" - Matt

Cancer Truths Exposed

According to Dr. Leonard Coldwell, "the mandatory treatment of slaughter called surgery, burning called radiation, or poisoning called chemotherapy, leads to unbelievable horror, loss of quality of life, the massive spreading of the disease and most of all inhumane suffering and early death."

How can Dr. Coldwell say all this? Over 30 years ago, Dr. Coldwell cured his own mother of (terminal) liver cancer without surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Best of all, her healing program was completely natural and cost less than $3,000. Discover how to heal yourself (naturally) with one of the leading authorities in natural health and science.

The NaturalNews Talk Hour begins this Thursday evening at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, and registration is FREE. Simply enter your email address in the registration form on the right column of this page and you'll receive call-in details for the show.

Why deal with stress

Dr. Coldwell teaches us that untreated, constant mental and emotional stress can shorten life expectancy, reduce the quality of our life and result in a number of health problems. Chronic stress can lead to dehydration, atrophy, and even death. So, removing (chronic) stress from our life will allow us to reach our highest potential.

This week's guest: Dr. Leonard Coldwell - Incurable Diseases and Natural Solutions

Dr. Leonard Coldwell - "Incurable Diseases and Natural Solutions" - Thu. Mar. 10

Leonard Coldwell is considered one of the leading authorities of self-help education for cancer patients and is called by many authorities the world leading expert on cancer. His cure rate for so called incurable diseases in Europe is legendary. After sixteen years as a General Practitioner in Europe, Dr. Coldwell left general practice to concentrate on his applied research in stress and stress related diseases, with particular emphasis on cancer and other "incurable" diseases.

Politicians, presidents of many of the largest companies, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine, celebrities and people from all walks of life are among some of Dr. Coldwell's patients, clients and students. In addition to his appearances around the world, he frequently appears on American T.V. and radio.

A Fun Show! This program will lift your spirits and re-energize your life! Dr. Coldwell brings a message of hope to these troubles times. Spread the word and invite your friends and family to this unforgettable night! Register now using the email form in the right column, and you will be emailed show details. Register Today!

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