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Originally published March 5 2011

Aggression in pets - Deal with the cause

by Madeleine Innocent

(NaturalNews) At one time, aggression in pets was more or less limited to trained guard dogs or the protective behaviour of a mother guarding her young. However, aggression in pets has become more common in latter years, especially in cats. There may be a multitude of reasons why this is on the increase, but perhaps the bulk of the cause needs to be placed firmly on the diet.

Aggression in children has also been on the rise for the last few decades. Natural health therapists, and many parents, believe there is a direct link to allergies of processed food or chemical food additives. Once these are removed from the diet, often the child's aggression lessens considerably or vanishes altogether.

Culprits include sugar, artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates and chemical additives such as colour, flavours and preservatives along with other less obvious "foods".

When you appreciate that there are few (enforceable) laws in any country that pet food manufacturers have to comply with, you can begin to appreciate that pet food can be far more toxic than human food.

Dry pet food has become the normal diet for pets everywhere. Somehow, everyone has been convinced that this is a superior food to all others. Certainly it is convenient. But stop for a moment and consider the shelf life of dry food.

It's years.

But the ingredients listed include meat, or meat by-products. How can meat be kept indefinitely at room temperature? There is only one way - preservatives. Despite claims on the packet to the contrary. This is simply clever (and legal) wording to convince you.

Two of the worst preservatives used in pet food, and there are plenty more, are formaldehyde and ethoxyquin. Both are too toxic ever to be allowed in human food. These are often not listed in the ingredients.

Sadly, this cause is often overlooked in the established medical establishment, and drugs are automatically reached for to suppress the symptoms. Most people can understand that this will simply exacerbate the problem, as the body becomes more loaded, more toxic.

By dealing with the cause, the diet, and changing this to a wholesome, quality, natural diet appropriate to the species, you may find that the aggression lessens or disappears altogether, as with children in a similar situation.

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Madeleine Innocent is a full time natural health consultant specialising in diet-for-health and homeopathy. She treats both people and animals within these two disciplines and offers consultations in her clinic in Perth Australia and on-line.
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