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Originally published February 28 2011

Protect yourself from the ravages of the Food Flavor Industry

by Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) All processed, packaged, and all restaurant foods contain some sort of flavor enhancing or sweetening additives that are toxic. Aspartame and MSG, with its long list of aliases to disguise its presence, are excitotoxins. They excite nervous system and brain cells literally to death.

They also disrupt hormonal balances that lead to insulin problems and the inability to determine when one has had enough to eat. Thus, they lead to diabetes and obesity. Excitotoxins are also linked to neurological disorders such as Alzheimer`s Disease.

These additives are used to cheaply enhance stale dead food flavors to the point where you must have more and to lengthen shelf life. Here`s how to avoid them, and here are antidotes if you cannot avoid them completely.

First Avoid

Buying packaged foods or eating out is like going through a virtual mine field if you`re health conscious. The only way to completely avoid toxic additives is to buy fresh organic foods and bulk grains and legumes and to do your own cooking. Even that`s getting tricky as more crops are being sprayed with a "natural" pesticide, free glutamate, in many regions.

Glutamate is an essential component of MSG (monosodium glutamate). Combined with other molecules in natural plant compounds, it`s harmless. But synthetically isolated or free, it might as well be MSG.

Aspartame is used liberally in many sweetened beverages and baked goods. Almost all chewing gums have aspartame or some artificial sweetener. Even packaged foods and beverages in health food stores may contain some cleverly disguised RTNCs (Reaction-Triggering Neurotoxic Chemicals).

If your lifestyle doesn`t permit you to cook from scratch all the time, you`ll need more than a little knowledge to be a knowledgeable label reader.

You`ll need this list:

Another food industry con has been HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) as a sugar replacement. Seems innocent enough, but HFCS is a bundle of problems. There is plenty of research that links HFCS to obesity, diabetes, and coronary problems.

More consumers have become aware of the multitude of problems from HFCS. If you`re not one of them, simply do a Natural News search on HFCS dangers. The taste enhancers have come up with a solution for this growing consumer awareness. They are labeling HFCS as "corn sugar".

If You Cannot Avoid RTNCs and HFCS Completely

There are antidotes. There are reports from those extremely sensitive to MSG that the inexpensive amino acid supplement taurine was effective for calming their MSG reactions. Though taking taurine close to MSG ingestion is best, some consider taurine helpful for minimizing old MSG damage also.

Another nervous system stabilizer, magnesium, is recommended as an antidote for excitotoxins in general, aspartame included. Most of the population is deficient in this very vital mineral, which is essential to over 300 human metabolic processes. So making sure you have plenty of accessible magnesium in your system is healthy for you in other ways as well.

Vitamin B6 should also be flourishing in your system if you are a victim of restaurant foods and too busy to shop well and cook basic foods. B6 has demonstrated some ability to minimize RTNC excitotoxic damage.

Since it`s been discovered that HFCS often contains mercury, you might want to look into a heavy metal detox if you`ve been taking in a lot of that sugar substitute.


The toxic processed and junk food industries create diseases that help Big Pharma and the AMA practitioners get wealthier. Food is your first medicine. If you avoid food additives, it could be the only medicine you need.

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