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Originally published February 9 2011

How we have become an unconscious society (Opinion)

by Kim Evans

(NaturalNews) In light of the news that medical students are now molesting drugged out patients in hospitals as part of their training (, it sounds like a good time to talk about consciousness. Why? Because a conscious person would never engage in such activities.

So, what is consciousness and how is it obtained? Consciousness is basically your energy and higher energies are in the realm of love, while lower energies are in the realm of fear. So, why do these students regularly partake in molesting others? They are highly unconscious beings that are so unconscious that they: 1) don't care about their fellow human beings (just who you want involved in your health care, right?) 2) may not even care about hurting others (there are people of exactly this consciousness out there) or 3) simply do whatever they're told because they are too afraid to say no or even think for themselves. Yet, in this manner, they've allowed themselves to become molesters who engage in activities they know full well they'd be jailed for, if they were doing them outside of their "training."

So, let's look at how people have become so unconscious that they're willing to engage in such horrible acts. Most people don't fully understand (or often understand at all) how deeply our consciousness is rooted in the state of our bodies. To be perfectly clear: you will have an entirely different consciousness depending on what foods you eat. You will also have an entirely different consciousness if you have a clean body verses a filthy body. Yet, the latter is routinely created from common diets and chemical use - including the same chemicals these students are being trained to administer.

Actually, that these students are willing to molest others may just be a reflection of their lifelong diets, which likely have included daily GMOs, processed foods, fluoride, and lots of meat eating (all of which are typical today). It's really a shame that their parents either didn't know enough or care enough to protect them from these things. But, even going to a mainstream medical school shows a mental engagement in the chemical culture, as chemicals are contrary to consciousness. In fact, it's by a diet of plenty of raw, plant-based foods from nature, chemical avoidance, and deep cleansing (because few of us were brought up on nature's foods) that most people become highly conscious beings.

If you're skeptical, let's look at Jesus. He's a highly conscious historical individual who a lot of people, including many medical students, think they worship. But most people have no idea what Jesus even taught, and practicing what he taught is something they've never done - and might even caution others from doing. So, what holistic health method is Jesus well known for? Fasting. Jesus was into fasting and deep cleansing. In The Gospel of Peace ( he promoted enemas, saying things that can be translated in today's words like, "the devil lives in the filth in your body and he will rob your health." So, was Jesus into fasting and cleansing to deprive himself (as is commonly thought), or to raise his consciousness from what he called evil?

If you're not into Jesus, not a problem. Let's look at Buddha, another highly conscious individual, who's also known for extended fasting and deep cleansing. In fact, if you look closer, you'll see there are patterns of how people become highly conscious, and also how they become unconscious. And, it's a sad fact that today's common diets and chemically oriented lifestyles are exactly what breeds unconscious people, like these students, who with their actions are proving exactly how unconscious they've become.

Cleanse and Purify Thyself, book one, Dr. Richard Anderson

About the author

Kim Evans is a natural health writer and author of Cleaning Up! The Ultimate Body Cleanse. Cleaning Up! offers deep cleansing and using methods in this book, people have gotten rid of dozens of different types of health problems, as well as just losing excess weight, thinking more clearly, and feeling better.

Kim's next book chronicles events in her life that happen to match patterns in the Bible. She's also found three places in the Bible that tell us its about these patterns and even asking you to match them.
Here's a little from the upcoming book...
In Isaiah 22:20, it says, "And it must occur in that day that I will call my servant, namely Eliakim." But, because these prophecies are cryptic and they aren't meant to be understood until they are understood, it's only the last three letters.
A few lines later, it says, "From the land of Kittim it has been revealed to them."
Here, you just take out any three middle letters, and again, it's the name of the person bringing you this message, or the sacred secret of the prophecy. Actually, if you take those two passages, Kim is about the only name you can get from both of them.
In Numbers 1:1 1:18, it's talking about "the family" and mentions Pagiel. It also twice mentions February 1st, (Kim's birthday) and then says that the youngest is 20 years old. Kim's little sister Paige is currently 20 years old.
In Chronicles 1 11:20 it mentions the brother of Joab and then in the same sentence uses the word brandishing. Kim's middle name is Jo and her older sister's name is Brandi. There are other patterns to her sisters too but these sort of mention them by name.
Of course, it helps if you know that there is a magical spiritual reality available that comes deep cleansing and often major dietary upgrades. It's also why Jesus was teaching the same thing, if you find his teachings in the Essene Gospel of Peace. In this text, he even says things like, "You'll never see the father unless you clean your colon." But, this is paraphrased...
In the Bible Jesus says things more like, happy are those who wash their robes, as they can enter the tree of life. The tree of life is elsewhere explained as God's paradise. He also said, first clean the inside of the cup and then the outside will also be clean.
Kim's book Cleaning Up! is here You can also preorder The Sacred Prophecies Have Been Fulfilled
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