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Originally published December 31 2010

Learn about the unknown weight gain culprit

by Mike Barrett

(NaturalNews) People in America are constantly looking to slim down. Shedding the pounds seems to be near the highest level of priorities for many people, despite the fact that America is showing no sign of slimming down on a grand scale. Many factors must be inspected to determine why someone is overweight. These factors include poor eating habits, the ingestion of deadly chemicals and food additives, lack of physical activity, and much more. One variable that is seldom considered, however, is the quality of the air around us. Believe it or not, poor air quality that is rich in pollution is also responsible for increased fat very early on in life.

Recent research shows that with the ingestion of toxic chemicals, both those within food and those in the air we take in, comes increased fat storage in babies. Mothers that take in these chemicals trigger a defense mechanism in babies that is supposed to protect them from the deadly toxins. The defense mechanism is the formation of fat for protection from the poisons.

When someone takes in a load of toxins, the entire body suffers. The first organ to defend against the attack is the liver. Once this surplus of toxins has overloaded the liver and there seems to be no way of deflecting all of them, the body resorts to a much harsher plan. This entails combining all of these toxins with triglycerides and turning them into fat. Unfortunately, this is not the end of the biological onslaught. During the fat storage process your immune system is suppressed; the digestive system is imbalanced; and a whole host of other problems begin to surface.

Sometimes it is difficult to avoid pollution. While the average person does not largely contribute to worldwide pollution, large corporations are continually pumping toxins into the environment. The excess amount of pollution created by these establishments is a serious problem that unfortunately cannot be dealt with in the blink of an eye. It can be very difficult to change something on such a grand scale, especially with many laws in place that allow for it to continue. What you can alter a lot more easily, however, is the amount of toxins that are ingested in your daily life.

Many people who begin to lose weight eventually hit a road block. The main reason for this is that there is a layer of toxic fat that is difficult to remove through diet and exercise. Instead, a combination of detoxifying methods may be effective to properly rid the body of these toxins. This detoxification process may entail performing a digestive cleanse, liver cleanse, and lymph cleanse. With the combination of exercise and proper detoxification, getting rid of that excess fat should be a simple task.


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