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Originally published December 14 2010

Pilot faked his way as a prestigious doctor for 20 years, duping AMA and receiving millions in medical grants

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Dr William Hamman is a prestigious cardiologist with high-ranking posts at universities and hospitals. He led teamwork training sessions at the American College of Cardiology and was recognized and supported by the American Medical Association. He received millions of dollars in medical grants and even trained other doctors by teaching Continuing Medical Education (CME) classes. He was also credited as the author of several articles in science journals.

There was only one problem with all this. Dr William Hamman wasn't a doctor at all. What the AMA, the hospitals and the CME system didn't realize for twenty years is that his credentials were faked.

How to quack like a doctor

For two decades, William Hamman had been conning his way into the medical system, and he fooled all the health authorities. Apparently, if you walk like a doctor and quack like a doctor, people don't ask very many questions.

But here's the really fascinating part of this story. The American Medical Association had scheduled a seminar featuring "Doctor" William Hamman as an instructor. When the AMA found out they had been duped, did they cancel the training? Nope. They simply altered the course materials, removing the word "Doctor" in front of his name and replacing it with the word "Captain!"

William Hamman is a pilot, you see, and the AMA apparently didn't care whether a doctor or a pilot was giving a medical seminar as long as they could slap some kind of authoritative-sounding word in front of his name. This should raise huge red flags about the credibility of the AMA itself.

CME system hands out fraudulent education credits

In these revelations, the entire Continuing Medical Education (CME) system also sees its own credibility dissolve right before us. This is the system that trains doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to keep them "up to date" with the latest in medical technology.

We already know that many CME courses are little more than Big Pharma propaganda. Some are even paid for by the drug companies who often hold them in exotic locations such as Honolulu where doctors show up for a few minutes a day, sign the attendance sheets, and then head out to the beaches to catch up on some leisure time (I observed this first-hand in Hawaii a few years back).

Now we know that the CME system was granting CME credits to students who were being taught by a con artist. So is the CME system going to revoke those credits, given that they now know those classes weren't being taught by a credentialed cardiologist?

Of course not. All those CME credits still stand. Which means the whole system of CME credits is now highly suspect. If you're seeing a doctor who has been trained in something through the CME system, you have no way to know whether that doctor was trained by an actual doctor or a clever con artist posing as a doctor.

CME, in other words, now stands for "Con artist Medical Education."

Much of conventional medicine is a con to begin with

None of this surprises me in the least. Most of conventional medicine is a grand con to begin with. The idea that you can "treat" cancer by poisoning patients with chemotherapy is a con. Seasonal flu vaccines are a complete con to anyone who cares to look hard at the evidence ( Heart bypass surgeries are a con, diabetes drugs are a con, and conventional medicine still remains utterly clueless at how to prevent degenerative disease even after decades of promising cures.

The life expectancy in America is falling ( even as medical costs are skyrocketing. The real health issues facing Americans -- such as widespread vitamin D deficiencies -- remain utterly ignored by virtually all conventional doctors, drug companies and researchers.

If William Hamman is a little con, then conventional medicine is a really big con.

The real con, actually, is that when young intelligent people survive eight years of Big Pharma indoctrination through medical schools and residency trainings, they are handed the title "Doctor." They should be handed the title, "Pharmaceutical Rep" because that's truly what they are. Having received virtually no training in nutrition, they are granted power of our health even when they have no knowledge of health. They graduate as experts in disease and pharmacology -- which is all great if you want to stay diseased and drugged. But they know virtually nothing about disease prevention, the healing power of the medicine found in foods, or the true healing potential of acupuncture, chiropractic care, herbal medicine or energy medicine.

The simple truth of the matter is that most doctors are nutritionally illiterate regardless of how many CME credits they've accumulated. CME classes don't teach much about nutrition. They're primarily drug seminars organized or influenced by the drug companies.

I suppose if we could all just drug our way to perfect health, then we really would have the best medical system in the world. Doctors would be useful for preventing disease, and medical journals might be credible texts rather than laughable pharmaceutical advertising rags.

But that's not the case. What we see today in the world of conventional medicine is one elaborate, high-profit fraud that continues to kill hundreds of thousands of people a year while claiming to be "treating" them.

No wonder all the really healthy people I encounter tell me the same thing: "I never see conventional doctors and wouldn't even dream of it." Because, let's face it: Conventional medicine is the sick-care system for the nutritionally illiterate. It is health care for people who don't care about their health. It's a system of surrender for those who have given up trying to be healthy and now want somebody else to manage their disease while they slowly die at the hands of their clueless doctors.

The really healthy people avoid hospitals; avoid doctors; avoid pharmaceuticals and steer clear of mammograms, chemotherapy and unnecessary surgeries.

Because in the end, the only way to avoid being conned by conventional medicine is to avoid USING conventional medicine.

One final note: I've always said that conventional medicine does have a place in the realm of emergency medicine. Western doctors are phenomenal at saving lives from gunshot wounds, car accidents and so on. They work miracles in those emergency rooms. Anesthesiologists are miracle workers, too, and even antibiotics have a place in medicine (even though they are widely abused in actual practice).

But in treating degenerative disease, western medicine is an absolute failure. And more than nine-tenths of all the money spent on sick care today is spent in the useless treatment of degenerative disease -- a realm in which western doctors remain utterly clueless about how to truly help people.

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