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Originally published December 12 2010

Why some people refuse to shampoo their hair

by Cindy Jones-Shoeman

(NaturalNews) Millions of people have been led to believe that, to clean their hair, they must use shampoo. In fact, mainstream media and big business will tell consumers how a particular shampoo can make a person's hair healthier, when nothing is further from the truth. Mainstream media also insists that a daily shampoo is safe, effective, and healthy. However, the truth is shampooing one's hair is damaging to one's mane and disrupts the body's natural processes. Using shampoo strips the hair of natural oils, exposes users to toxins, and promotes consumerism.

Before shampoo products were created, people used soap to clean their hair and scalp. It was easy to sell consumers on the idea of shampoo because soap often irritated eyes and left hair looking and feeling dull. Shampoo was marketed as an improved alternative. Shampoos, however, use detergents, among other things. Detergents are generally harsh and not only clean off unwanted dirt and skin flakes, but also strip hair of natural oils that actually keep hair soft, strong, and manageable. Today, people use conditioning products (full of more problematic ingredients) to replace the natural oils that have been shampooed off.

Not only are the detergents used in shampoos questionable and toxic, but there are also other dangerous ingredients and chemicals, items that the CDC and other health agencies warn are toxic. Some of these ingredients, according to numerous sources, include seemingly innocent-sounding items like Yellow 6, thought to be a carcinogen, and other less-recognizable things like "iodopropynyl butylcarbamate." Why would anyone want to pour a chemical lab on her head that is likely dangerous to her and the environment when she can use safer alternatives?

Finally, many people avoid shampooing their hair because--like many "needed" products today--it promotes rampant consumerism. If a person feels that shampoo is a necessity, he will buy it regularly. Many simple-living advocates avoid using commercial shampoos for that reason alone.

Refusing to shampoo doesn't mean people don't clean their hair, however. Most people who don't use shampoo instead rely on safe, enviro-friendly alternatives: they use baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice. Others use simply warm water and a brush. They do refuse the shampoo, and many are glad they do.


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Cindy Jones-Shoeman is the author of Last Sunset and a Feature Writer for Academic Writing at Suite101.
Some of Cindy's interests include environmental issues, vegetarian and sustainable lifestyles, music, and reading.

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