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Originally published December 8 2010

Sacred Chocolate bon-bon truffles are topped with rose petals, mango powder and even 24 carat gold

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I don't know where to begin with these Sacred Chocolate "Truth Truffles." They're made by the Sacred Chocolate company ( which was founded by Sacred Steve -- a guy with a lot of fans in the raw food and healthy living communities. He's a super energetic, brilliant man with a truly out-of-this-world grasp of the artistry of making what are arguably the world's finest chocolates (just check out the truly astonishing descriptions below if you don't believe me... these read like fine French cuisine).

When I received a sample of his Truth Truffle bon-bons, I couldn't believe what I was seeing: This box of nine chocolate truffle bon-bons was priced at $38.00, or over four dollars for each truffle. The first thought that struck me was, "Who is going to pay four dollars for a chocolate truffle?"

So I started asking around. The answers floored me and taught me a thing or two about peoples' relationship with food...

Fine chocolate that's out of this world

It turns out that fine chocolate is a lot like fine coffee or fine wine. Those who really appreciate the finest chocolates will give you an earful about how the subtleties of the cacao tastes fulfill their senses and deliver an extraordinary chocolate experience.

And once you've had really, really good chocolate, you can never go back to plain chocolate. At least that's what they tell me. I'm not a regular consumer of fine wines or fine chocolates, as I tend to focus more on nutritional density that taste subtleties. So I frankly didn't know what to expect from these Sacred Chocolate Truth Truffle bon-bons.

Nevertheless, I saved these for several weeks while asking people about their chocolate experiences, and I came to gain a deeper understanding of peoples' relationship with chocolate -- especially from women. Many women, it turns out, have an almost spiritual relationship with chocolate. This is no exaggeration, and it may help explain why the name of the active ingredient in cacao -- theobromine -- has the same Latin root as the word theology which means "the study of God."

Women prefer chocolate to sex?

Lest you think I'm making this up, check out this survey from a food company ( which reveals that one-third of women dream about chocolate during the day while only 18 percent think about sex. For men, it's the inverse: 60 percent of men think about sex during the day while only 11 percent think about chocolate.

There's something else: This same survey says that more than 20 percent of women would be willing to give up their sex lives rather than give up eating chocolate!

Getting back to the Sacred Chocolate truffle bon-bons, I finally began to understand why people love them so much: If they really deliver this kind of satisfaction, many women would surely find them preferable to men. Plus, unlike a man, these chocolates stay put when you don't need them, they don't spend money on fast cars and heavy shop tools, and they're always ready to go when you are.

And when you want the best of the best in the world of fine chocolate, there's truly nothing quite like Sacred Chocolate, which is why we now carry a nine-piece Truth Truffle bon-bon gift box for $38. One of the truffles is topped with 24-carat gold! (I didn't know whether to eat it or toss it in a vault...)

Click here to get this totally unique and RARE nine-piece gourmet chocolate gift box.

(There are also several smaller, two-truffle gift packs available for nine dollars each.)

This makes an amazing gift for anyone special in your life, and it contains what is certainly the most unique and complex chocolate flavors you've probably ever encountered. You get one of each of these luscious flavors: (seriously, this reads like the menu of a fine French restaurant...)

Sacred Fire Dark - Chocolate ganache smoldering with ancho, morita, guajilo, pasillo, and chipotle chilies ignited by black pepper, cinnamon adorned with 24 carat gold.

Yellow Tara - The Buddhist goddess of wealth, good fortune, and abundance inspired this bold, curry infused truffle. Covered with a heavy dusting of golden sun-ripened mango powder.

Tangerina - A luscious citrus dark chocolate ganache infused with tangerine and orange oils, dusted with a stripe of Mineola tangola zest. A classic combination revisited.

Purple Rose - The beautiful and fragrant roses of Kew Gardens and the wild purple sage of Marin County, California, inspired this very unique and royal truffle. Dark chocolate ganache infused with rose, purple sage. Adorned with a delicate pink rose petal.

Cheeky Monkey - Dark chocolate ganache with caramelized banana, topped with crushed pecan and salt.

Ajaya - The goddess of love entices by fusing dark chocolate ganache with lemon grass ginger, Balinese long pepper, and topped with lime zest.

Lavendar Blue - Dark chocolate, wild blueberry and lavender ganache relaxes and refreshes. Adorned with fragrant lavender petals.

Ixcacao (eesh-ka-cow) - Named in honor of the cacao goddess, Ixcacao infuses Peruvian Maca and Mesquite. Topped with Ocumare cacao nibs.

Arctic Chi - The temperature plummets with dark chocolate ganache infused with peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, tarragon. Topped with shavings of cacao butter.

Jubilee Cherries - Bing and Rainier. Folded into dark chocolate ganache. Topped with sweet and plump sun dried cherry.

Click here to get some at the NaturalNews Store.

INGREDIENTS: Mylk Chocolate Shell: *Cacao Butter, *Cacao Nibs, *Maple Sugar, *Coconut Sugar, *Coconut, *Whole Cacao Beans with SKINS, *Vanilla Bean.

100% Organic, *Organic, Wildcrafted

• Dairy/Gluten/Soy FREE.
• Certified Organic Ingredients by Weight: Truffle Certification in Process
• Cacao Content of the shell: 83%
• Produced in a Facility that also Processes Nuts. Produced below 115 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Enjoy this chocolate! And share it with someone who's really, really special! :-)

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