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Originally published September 19 2010

Twenty Tips and Tricks Rid Persistent Hiccups

by Luella May

(NaturalNews) A hiccup or hiccough is a contraction of the diaphragm that keeps repeating itself, usually several times per minute. The name comes from the "hic" sound created by the abrupt rush of air into the lungs which causes the epiglottis to close. When hiccups become continuous, a person may need a bit of help getting rid of them. Here are twenty tips and tricks that have been reported to get rid of persistent hiccups:

1. Briefly touching one end of a Q-tip to the uvula (the small piece of flesh that dangles in the back of your throat) triggers the gag reflex. This in turn interrupts the spasms of the diaphragm that cause hiccups.

2. Without hurting yourself, stick out your tongue as far as you can. Hold this position for several seconds.

3. Pour one teaspoon of white vinegar over one teaspoon of white sugar, leveling the teaspoon; then swallow. Although strong to the taste, it is said to be an effective remedy.

4. Liberally douse a lemon or orange wedge with bitters. Eat the wedge, including the rind. If you use lemon, be sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards to avoid damaging teeth enamel.

5. Swallow one teaspoon of plain yellow mustard.

6. Swallow a spoonful of sugar, or dissolve a sugar cube in your mouth.

7. Pat around the crown of your head several times with your hand. You may look silly, but it is said to be effective.

8. Carbon dioxide is said to cure hiccups. Just cup your hands around your mouth, breathing in and out several times.

9. Put pressure on the tip of your left thumb with your right index finger and hold for thirty seconds.

10. Ask someone to pour a glass of water and hold it to your lips. Drink as much as you can while the other person holds the glass. This remedy is said to never fail as long as someone else is holding the glass.

11. Drink a cup of water while plugging your ears and nose.

12. With ears plugged, take 10 sips in a row of water through a straw without breathing through your nose.

13. Wrap a paper towel sheet over the rim of the opening of a glass of water. Drink several gulps through the paper towel.

14. Fill a glass 3/4 full of water leaving room for it to be tipped at a 75 degree angle without spilling. Bending over, drink from the opposite side of the glass.

15. Place a straw in a six ounce glass of water. Drink as much as you can through the straw while pressing the tips of your index fingers into the indentations where your neck and jawbone meet right behind your earlobes. Your hiccups should be gone by the time the glass is empty.

16. Swallow a teaspoon of peanut butter. If the hiccups have not disappeared, take another one.

17. Show the person with hiccups any denomination of money. Tell them that if they hiccup again within the next ten seconds, you will give them the money.

18. Draw a crowd and ask the person to hiccup in front of them.

19. Another effective remedy is to ask the person an unexpected question, like
"Why is it illegal to cross the state line of Minnesota with a duck on your head?"

20. Still got hiccups? Go swimming! The way in which we hold our breath underwater cannot otherwise be duplicated. Jump in the water, have fun, and your hiccups should be gone.

"Urawaza: Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan" by Lisa Katayama

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