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Originally published September 9 2010

LFO singer Rich Cronin dies at age 35 after chemotherapy

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) LFO singer-songwriter Rich Cronin, creator of the smash hit "Summer Girls," died after receiving chemotherapy as a "treatment" for leukemia. He was 35.

Yes, 35. He was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2005 and underwent chemotherapy. Not surprisingly, the cancer returned in 2007 because chemotherapy doesn't cure cancer.

The most common side effect of chemotherapy is, in fact, more cancer. This is exactly what happened with Rich Cronin who suffered through a return of the disease in 2007 and 2008.

Chemotherapy is also extremely toxic to the liver, kidneys and brain. People who undergo chemotherapy often suffer so-called "chemo brain" -- a significant decline in mental function affecting memory and even personality.

Chemotherapy keeps killing celebrities

Sadly, Rich Cronin joins a long list of other celebrities who have died after choosing to poison themselves with toxic chemotherapy. Patrick Swayze died after receiving chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer (; Farrah Fawcett died after chemotherapy for anal cancer (; Peter Jennings died after chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer; Tony Snow died after chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer (

Just recently, actor Michael Douglas announced he has stage 4 throat cancer and would begin treating it with toxic chemotherapy and radiation ( I hope he has the wisdom to use nutrition and superfoods to protect his healthy cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy, or he too might find himself in a rapid health decline.

Celebrities who choose holistic, nutritional approaches to health have far better outcomes, by the way. Suzanne Somers famously overcame her own breast cancer by turning to natural remedies and a holistic lifestyle (

Also recently, Drew Carey cured his own diabetes by changing his diet and working out at the gym.

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy involves the injection of toxic poisons into the human body. The term "therapy" in "chemotherapy" is actually a form of false advertising -- there's nothing therapeutic about it.

The chemicals used in chemotherapy are derived from mustard gas chemical weapons used in World War I. They are so incredibly toxic to the human body that pharmacists are getting cancer just from touching the chemotherapy drugs (

Chemotherapy is fraudulently marketed as a "cure" for cancer even though it cures nothing. In fact, chemotherapy compromises the future functioning of the human body, practically guaranteeing more medical expenses from liver damage, kidney damage or recurring cancer "treatments."

Inside the holistic health community, cancer is relatively easy to cure but only if the patient has never done chemotherapy. I personally know several anti-cancer doctors, Chinese medicine practitioners and naturopaths. Some of them have told me flat out, "I won't treat patients who have already undergone chemotherapy." When I ask why, they tell me, "Because they always die. And when they die, their families blame the last therapy they received even though the chemo is what killed them."

It's common for patients to undergo chemotherapy and then, right at the brink of death, they finally realize conventional medicine is killing them and they reach out to alternative medicine. But by then it's too late. The damage has already been done by chemotherapy. They are beyond repair.

Choosing chemotherapy is a death sentence. And sadly, far too many celebrities are choosing chemotherapy because they are being lied to by their doctors and oncologists -- people who earn profits from chemotherapy "treatments." Cancer docs refuse to tell their patients the truth about anti-cancer nutrients that are readily (and cheaply) available. From vitamin D to exotic medicinal mushrooms, genuine cancer cures exist all around us in nature. But conventional medicine refuses to recognize them as real.

It's sad that we're losing so many creative people these days; people who are victimized by the cancer industry and tricked into killing themselves with chemicals. Rich Cronin didn't deserve to die, and especially not enduring the kind of suffering caused by chemotherapy chemicals which cause you to vomit up your meals, drop your hair, suffer extreme weakness and lose muscle mass. It's a demeaning and medically useless way to die.

If such treatments were used on prisoners of war, they would be considered inhumane and in violation of the Geneva Convention. And yet, for some reason, one celebrity after another keeps choosing toxic chemotherapy, only to follow in the footsteps of others who suffered and died before them.

When will people learn?

Celebrity status, it turns out, confers no special health knowledge to a person. The world's most famous person can be just as clueless about health as any ordinary guy on the street. Real health isn't taught in public schools, and most of the health propaganda broadcast by authorities in America is based on false and misleading information designed to financially support the pharmaceutical industry.

Rich Cronin was more a victim of the cancer industry's false propaganda than cancer itself. He no doubt could have been saved if he had known about anti-cancer herbs, superfoods and nutritional supplements. But that information was not given to him by anyone in the medical profession. And that is no coincidence.

They would rather see people die than lose control of their cancer industry profits, it seems. The last thing cancer doctors want to do is put themselves out of business by teaching people how to prevent cancer on their own.

The knowledge presented right here on could prevent 9 out of 10 cancers if fully embraced. That translates into a reduction of 90 percent of all cancer industry jobs. No wonder they don't want the public learning the truth about how easy it is to prevent and even cure cancer using natural medicine.

In the cancer industry, job security depends on keeping the public (and celebrities) as ignorant as possible about nutrition and natural ways to prevent or cure cancer.

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