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Originally published August 31 2010

Natural health movement achieving key victories over HFCS, MSG, GMOs and more

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) It's hard to see it sometimes, but the natural health community has achieved many important victories over the last few years in exposing the truth about dangerous chemicals and food ingredients. Here are some of the major victories we've collectively achieved:

High-Fructose Corn Syrup exposed

We've been victorious in spreading the word about the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which I call "liquid sugar crack." The public has learned so much about the dangers of this refined ingredient that food manufacturers are now switching away from HFCS and using more natural refined ingredients (such as evaporated cane juice, which is far better for you than HFCS).

You can even buy Hunt's Ketchup now, which declares right on the front label, "NO High Fructose Corn Syrup!"

Not surprisingly, the Corn Refiners Association has spent millions of dollars trying to obfuscate this issue by claiming HFCS is perfectly good for you. They've attacked virtually every news organization that writes about HFCS, and they run television ads that try to spin the issue in their direction, but they've failed! The public still knows that HFCS is linked to diabetes and obesity, and they don't want any more of this refined liquid sugar in their diets.

BPA - the plastics chemical

The truth has also come out recently about the dangers of Bisphenol-A (BPA), also known as the "plastics chemical." This chemical, which is found in virtually all canned foods (it's in the can liner), plastic bottles and other plastic food containers, has been found to be a "hormone disruptor," meaning it interferes with the normal healthy functioning of the hormones that control your body functions.

The outcry against BPA has even gone mainstream now, with mainstream news organizations covering the issue with greater frequency. Momentum is clearly building in favor of legislation that would outlaw BPA in all plastic food containers, and Canada seems poised to add BPA to its list of toxic substances.

The American Chemistry Council, of course, is outraged by any hint that chemicals might be bad for your health, and they'll continue to fight any new legislation in the USA. But in the end, the ACC will lose, because BPA is dangerous for your health and they can't cover up the science forever.

MSG - the excitotoxin taste enhancer

We've also been victorious in a very big way against MSG (monosodium glutamate), the chemical taste enhancer that's used in sausage, beef jerky, salad dressings, gravy mixes, and all sorts of fast food. (It's found in practically everything served at KFC, for example.)

While we haven't yet succeeded in banning MSG, we have raised awareness to such an extent that even soup companies are now competing with claims of having "No MSG" on their labels. As the public learns even more about MSG, we can expect to see more food companies removing it from their products.

Loophole: Many food companies are switching from MSG to yeast extract, which is a "hidden" form of MSG that's used for the same purpose. If you are avoiding foods made with MSG, be sure to avoid all foods made with yeast extract, too. I'm working on a mini-documentary, by the way, that will expose the truth about this form of hidden MSG in mainstream foods.

Trans Fats - the fat that kills

In addition to the items mentioned above, the natural health community has achieved considerable success in the battle against trans fatty acids -- also known as "trans fats." These are health-harming fats created out of the process of hydrogenation of oils. When you see "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil" on a food label, you know that item contains trans fats.

Trans fats are extremely dangerous for human consumption because they slowly promote deadly degenerative diseases like heart disease and cancer. They have absolutely no place in a healthy food supply. In time, they will probably be banned altogether.

Vitamin D is the new "hero" nutrient!

Through tireless efforts, members and leaders of the natural health movement have succeeded in raising global awareness about the amazing health benefits of vitamin D, the "miracle" nutrient that prevents cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney disease, depression and much more.

Even sunscreens are now being exposed as toxic chemical lotions that block vitamin D production and actually promote vitamin D deficiency!

Plus, the African American and Latino communities are learning more and more about vitamin D deficiency and how their skin pigmentation makes them more vulnerable to such deficiencies if they aren't intentionally working to increase their sun exposure.

Here's a very popular video I released that has been part of this education effort:

More organics in retail stores

In the United States, Target stores now carry a decent selection of USDA organic fresh produce. Costco stores are increasingly carrying organic products, and conventional stores that used to shun health foods now increasingly have "natural foods" sections where people can find organic food items.

As consumers are becoming more aware of the dangers of chemicals in their foods (and the benefits of organic foods), the surge in demand for organics is forcing nearly every food retailer to offer a selection of organic items.

This is progress! Just a few years ago, the idea of finding organic strawberries at Target stores would have seemed ridiculous.

Even Whole Foods, by the way, is improving its organics profile. For example, after tremendous pressure from the Organic Consumers Association (, Whole Foods declared that it would soon stop carrying "cheater" organic body care products that have the word "organics" in their name but aren't really organic at all.

Upcoming victories

I believe the natural health community will achieve yet more significant victories in several important areas of public health. Here's where you can expect to see a lot of progress in the years ahead:


Although this chemical has remained difficult to remove from the food supply, the truth is getting out now about the real dangers of aspartame, and it's only a matter of time before this artificial chemical sweetener is fully exposed (and banned from foods and beverages).

Dr. Betty Martini, of course, has played a huge hand in spreading awareness about the health dangers of aspartame. (

Water fluoridation

Expect to see an end to the criminal act of dripping a toxic, pharmacologically active chemical into the water supply without the consent of those who consume it. The fluoridation of public water supplies is a public health crime and it has absolutely no scientific justification whatsoever.

It is, though, a convenient way to dispose of chemical byproducts from heavy industry. That's where the chemical fluoride comes from that's dumped into the water supply, by the way. Most fluoride chemicals purchased by cities for fluoridation actually comes from China, and most of it is contaminated with heavy metals, by the way. (

Before long, you can expect to see this ridiculous chemical poisoning ritual banned across more cities and nations around the world. We all have a right to safe water, and fluoride makes water dangerous.

In case you're curious about this issue, read my article here about why the fluoridation of public water supplies is a criminal act:

And check out Citizens for Safe Water at

Mercury fillings

Mercury is extremely toxic, and even the American Dental Association can't hide that fact forever. Before too much longer, we will see the ADA finally cave in on the issue of mercury and announce to its member dentists that mercury is no longer an acceptable substance to use in dental fillings.

It's not just toxic to dentists and patients (and dentists suffer an unusually high rate of madness due to mercury exposure, by the way); it's also an extreme risk to the environment. Thousands of tons of mercury are released into the environment each year due solely to the use of the toxic metal in modern dentistry.

And a lot of the credit for this victory, by the way, will be due to attorney Charlie Brown from Consumers for Dental Choice (, who you will hear more from as this issue unfolds.


Thanks in no small part to the work of Jeffrey Smith (, there is growing awareness among health-conscious consumers about the extreme dangers of consuming genetically modified foods.

The battle is still raging, and companies like Monsanto are pressuring the FDA to ban honest food labeling that would warn consumers about GMOs in the grocery store, but in the end, the "right-to-know" effort will be victorious. Consumers don't like being hoodwinked, and they don't want to eat GM foods that might unleash pesticides in their own gut.

This coming October 10, 2010 is a world day of grassroots GMO awareness. Watch for more announcements on and about that upcoming event.


Under the relentless pressure of stubborn facts, the modern mythology behind seasonal flu vaccines is quickly crumbling away. People are waking up to the fact that such vaccines are not merely worthless; but that they often cause harm!

As people are learning more about vitamin D and how that nutrient activates the human immune system to build its own antibodies against infectious disease, they are increasingly rejecting chemical interventions such as painful vaccine shots (which can cause convulsions, vomiting and permanent neurological damage).

This is a victory for public health, too, because the more people consciously boost their levels of vitamin D and take care of their own immune systems, the less dangerous any infectious disease outbreak will turn out to be.

My own recently released song, Vaccine Zombie ( is also having an impact through an entertainment approach. The song takes aim at the mindless mythology behind routine vaccines and helps to de-hypnotize people from the mainstream programming of the CDC and WHO, which operates in collusion with the vaccine industry.

Watch the video now at NaturalNews.TV:

Vaccines will probably never go away completely because there's always a profit to be had from convincing people they need to take vaccine shots, but the more we help educate the public about their own natural immune defenses against infectious disease (and how to activate their immune systems with nutrition), the less people will feel the need to turn to dangerous chemical interventions to protect their health.

More victories on the way!

The natural health movement has gone mainstream! More and more mainstream consumers now understand the dangers of toxic chemicals and the promise of nutrition and natural remedies. Modern medicine as we know it today is on the way out, and the age of "better living through chemistry" is thankfully coming to an end.

The knowledge found in the natural health movement is winning out over the ignorance preferred by Big Pharma and the FDA. Stay tuned to for news about yet more victories in the near future.


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