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Originally published July 28 2010

MSM body care products soothe joints, nourish skin

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Every time I walk through a regular store like Wal-Mart, Target or CVS, I'm struck by the extreme toxicity of the personal body care products carried by these retailers. It's especially true in the "pharmacy" sections of these stores where it's virtually impossible to find a product that doesn't contain at least one toxic synthetic chemical.

And that's a shame because there are many very effective ingredients in body care products -- such as MSM or capsaicin -- that would be great if they were only available in truly natural formulations that contained no synthetic chemicals or harmful substances of any kind.

As someone who cares deeply about what I put on my skin, I'm always on the lookout for exceptional body care products that deliver effective ingredients without the toxicity of synthetic chemicals. Believe it or not, it's rare to find such products, but they do exist -- and today I'll bring you news about two of them that I personally recommend.

MSM in a gel

The first is called MSM-Aloe Gel and it's a truly natural pain reducing gel that I've found to be really effective on joints and muscles immediately after workouts. It contains 12% MSM (a form of organic sulfur that's outstanding for supporting body health for active people), organic aloe extract, plus a number of herbal extracts like green tea, turmeric, arnica, ginger root and peppermint leaf. It also contains menthol crystals which give it that menthol cooling effect.

Notice what's not in it? No fragrance chemicals, no artificial colors, no SLS, no parabens, no petrochemicals, no junk! Just effective, natural ingredients combined with supportive herbs and aloe. Try this on your own muscles or joints -- especially after exercise -- and you'll see why I'm so impressed with this formulation!

As you've come to expect, we've put together a great deal on this for NaturalNews readers. MSM-Aloe Gel normally sells through our store for $12.95 for a 4-oz. bottle. For this special announcement, we're offering that same 4-oz. bottle for just $8.95 (a 30% savings).

When you buy three MSM-Aloe Gel bottles, the price per bottle drops to just $8.06 per bottle (a savings of 38%).

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MSM lotion for supporting skin health

In addition to supporting the healthy function of joints and muscles through topical use, MSM is also commonly used on minor skin irritations such as bug bites, rashes, mild sunburn and even scars.

We've found a truly natural MSM lotion that's enriched with vitamins A, E and D (all fat-soluble vitamins) and naturally scented with kiwi, strawberry and vanilla. It smells so good you almost want to eat it!

But you don't eat it, of course: You rub it on your hands, shoulders, knees, feet or anywhere else that could use a little tender loving care. This MSM formulation doesn't have the menthol found in the MSM-Aloe Gel mentioned above, so it's gentle enough to use almost anywhere (not in your eyes, of course) and yet so nourishing that you'll actually feel a difference.

As always, this MSM lotion contains no synthetic chemicals, parabens, alcohol, petrochemicals, etc. It is not tested on animals, either (of course). No junk, no oily feel on your skin, just soothing, nourishing MSM lotion with a gentle fragrance and real nutrients.

We have three types of this MSM lotion, and you can buy them each individually or together as a discounted three-pack (which is what I recommend because then you can try each of the three varieties). We have Berry Vanilla, "Medicinal" (with extra MSM and tea tree oil) and Coconut Rose.

Each of these normally sells for $12.95, but through this special announcement, we're making them available to NaturalNews readers for just $8.95 (a 30% savings).

When you purchase the three-pack of these MSM Lotions, the price per bottle drops to just $8.06 (a savings of 38%).

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I think you'll be really happy with these MSM gel and lotion products.

Body care products I recommend

See, I'm really picky about the body care products I recommend. That's why I've remained such a strong supporter of companies like Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps ( and of course Pangea Organics ( AnnMarie Gianni's body care products recently joined my list, and we hope to bring you more news about those soon.

I don't recommend junk products and I don't use junk products. You won't see me walking into a Wal-Mart and picking up some lame "natural" lotion product that's loaded with fragrance chemicals. I don't even have such products in my house!

Every single product that I recommend to you is something that I put on my own skin or take into my own body in the case of foods and supplements. These MSM gels and lotions, in fact, are the kind of thing I give to family and friends as gifts, and when they see these bottles, they get really excited and they say things like, "Wow! What's in this?"

That's when I explain about all the toxic chemicals found in popular body care products, and then I ask them to read the ingredients label of their favorite skin lotion product. They can't read it! Why? Because they can't pronounce all the chemicals!

Then I ask them to read the ingredients on this MSM-Aloe Gel, and it's just simple things like green tea, turmeric, aloe vera, and so on. Suddenly they get it. Their eyes get really wide and a little light goes off in their heads as if they were suddenly saying, "So I don't have to poison myself anymore?"

Nope, you don't. You can soothe your joints, ease sore muscles, and nourish your skin with these truly natural MSM lotions -- all without subjecting your skin to toxic synthetic chemicals.

That's why everybody loves these MSM lotions once they realize the difference. And that's why we've worked to bring you these lotions so that you can share in their enjoyment, too.

Try them yourself and you'll see what I'm talking about. If you don't like them for any reason, we always offer a satisfaction guarantee on any purchase from our store. But I personally think you'll love these MSM gels and lotions. They have taken up a permanent position on my own medicine cabinet, alongside my cayenne pepper tincture, comfrey healing cream, pitch tar ointment, freeze-dried aloe vera gel and various herbal tinctures.

My medicine cabinet, after all, is a treasure chest of herbs and natural products. And these MSM gels and lotions are among my favorite products there.

Whatever you use on your skin, make sure it doesn't contain synthetic chemicals!

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