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Originally published July 27 2010

NaturalNews.TV now promoting user videos across article network

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) There's great news for everyone who records and posts videos in the realm of natural health, environment, healthy living, fitness and more: Starting today, we are now promoting user videos posted at NaturalNews.TV across the website. You may, in fact, see a video play box on this page (center column, scroll down slightly) that's already working. This video play box could be hosting your video!

Here's how you can take advantage of this remarkable new feature: currently hosts nearly 30,000 article pages covering just about every health-related topic you can imaging, from kitchen recipes with raw foods to fitness, healthy kids, gardening, groceries, pets, preparedness, the environment and much more. Starting today, each of these pages will host a keyword-related video from NaturalNews.TV, allowing users to view the video right on the article page.

For example, on an article page about homeopathy, a video from NaturalNews.TV that's also about homeopathy will be automatically chosen to appear next to the article. This could be YOUR video about homeopathy! (You simply enter keywords about your video when you upload to NaturalNews.TV, and we use those keywords to match up your video with articles.)

This is a HUGE way to gain free promotion for your videos, your brand, your name, your books, your ideas or your other projects. There is no charge for this service: Everything is free! Joining NaturalNews.TV is free, uploading videos is free, and this video promotion on is free and automatic.

The more videos you upload to NaturalNews.TV, the more exposure your videos will get on Plus, we fully plan to continue placing these videos across all articles on the NaturalNews website throughout 2010 and beyond... so you will essentially see unlimited exposure for your videos over time.

NaturalNews articles are ranked very highly on search engines like Google. We receive many tens of thousands of visitors per day from natural, organic search engine results. These visitors could be seeing your videos on our article pages!

Also, when we publish new stories each day, they get picked up by web-based news aggregation sources such as Google News. So imagine a scenario like this: You're a yoga instructor and you have many videos about yoga. You upload 10 videos on yoga to our NaturalNews.TV website (which is free).

One day there's breaking news about yoga: Maybe a new study reveals that yoga reduces heart attacks by 20%. NaturalNews covers the story, publishes an article, and it gets picked up by news services. In as little as three minutes, visitors from all across the web start finding the story and they click in to read it. When they click in, they see the article headline and text, but they also see YOUR video on the same page, because our content engine determined that your "yoga" video was related to our "yoga" article, and it placed your video there automatically.

Within another 10 minutes, you could have people visiting your website (because you were smart and put your website address in your video, see?) In a few more minutes you could have people joining your email newsletter, bookmarking your website, browsing your online store, or whatever you happen to offer. It can all happen that fast. And did I mention it's free?

This remarkable new partnership between and NaturalNews.TV can bring you new subscribers, readers, fans, followers, or whatever you are trying to attract. You can post videos on NaturalNews.TV covering all sorts of topics, from fitness and martial arts to green living, the environment, renewable energy, health celebrities, healthy cooking, health foods, grocery shopping, humor, satire, commentary... whatever!

Get started right now at www.NaturalNews.TV and click the JOIN button once you're there.

By the way, NaturalNews.TV videos can also be shared on any website. Each video offers embedding code that users can paste into any web page to show your video on their website. Video thumbnails for using in email messages are also provided right on the site!

We do have some video content restrictions, though: We review ALL videos posted to NaturalNews.TV, and we purposely reject videos that promote vaccines or pharmaceuticals, videos that attack natural health, videos that show senseless violence, videos that are unrelated to our topic focus, etc. This keeps the video network CLEAN and on topic, unlike all the other video sites which are often overrun with noise, violence and nonsense.

NaturalNews.TV is about videos that help support and improve your health and happiness. It's about showing you improved ways to live, to exercise, to shop for foods, to save money, and to enjoy life!

NaturalNews.TV videos are mirrored on a network of servers in major cities all across the world, so your videos will be readily viewable almost anywhere across the globe. Plus, it's multilingual! We support videos in English, Spanish and Mandarin (Chinese). Soon, we'll expand to other languages such as French, Japanese and German.

So if you've got video content to share with the world, join NaturalNews.TV right now. We are the first video network to actually promote your videos for FREE across an established news content network reaching millions of users each month. While I can't promise what actual results you'll see from this promotion, I can promise you that we will continue to grow our news site and our video site for years to come, and the sooner you get your videos uploaded, the more people will see those videos!

I'm looking forward to seeing your videos! If you haven't already, join now at www.NaturalNews.TV and start uploading videos!

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