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Originally published July 17 2010

Reserve your screen names now for the launch of NaturalNews.TV video sharing site

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The NaturalNews.TV website is the new, up-and-coming community video website that lets you upload, share and promote videos on topics like natural health, green living, natural foods and much more. It will be officially launched in less than two weeks. Nearly 1,500 members have already joined the site even before we announced it!

That's why you may want to know about this right now: You can reserve your own screen name on NaturalNews.TV right now by simply joining the site as a member (it's free). To get the screen name you want, join as soon as possible before our public launch. This will give you control over your screen name.

For example, if your nickname is "Health Ranger" then you'd want to reserve the screen name "HealthRanger" so that your NaturalNews.TV home page would be www.NaturalNews.TV/HealthRanger.

You can reserve screen names that represent your real name, your nick name, your company name, organization name, product name or anything else. We do, of course, ask that you do not reserve trademarks terms unless you are the trademark holder or have some natural right to that term. So don't register "McDonalds" unless that happens to be your real last name. (We reserve the right to cancel accounts that attempt to squat on trademarked names or that attempt to reserve names with the intent of selling them for profit.)

Some of these screen names will one day be extremely valuable, and it's in your interests to reserve your own name right now. It's free, of course, and once you do that, you can upload videos, share them, post them on your website, link to them and much more.

Get started now at

Videos get promoted across the site

Better yet, once your video is uploaded and approved (we review and approve all videos before they appear on the site), it will automatically begin to appear in the "Related Videos" column located on the right of each video play page. So if you upload a video about yoga, for example, and someone else also has a video on yoga, when their video plays, your video may be recommended on the right.

NaturalNews.TV gets even more exposure for your videos using an unprecedented video distribution system that we'll be announcing shortly after the official launch of the site. We anticipate this resulting in millions of video views each month. These could be YOUR videos getting views, meaning your message can get out to a focused audience of people who are genuinely interested in healthy living, sustainable living, environmental protection, health freedom, natural medicine, foods and recipes, healthy pets and much more.

To get started, just JOIN as a new member at www.NaturalNews.TV and enter the screen name you want to reserve. You can only reserve one screen name per email address you use to sign up, so pick your screen name carefully.

Once you join, you can start uploading your videos. They'll usually be approved in 12 hours or less, and they'll appear on the NaturalNews.TV home page!

We'll have more exciting announcements about NaturalNews.TV coming soon!

About NaturalNews.TV

NaturalNews.TV is a multi-lingual, global video sharing community website serving the natural health and green living community with quality video content created by members. All uploaded videos are reviewed by real people before being published, and the site restricts content to relevant videos that serve the interests of its members.

Behind the scenes, NaturalNews.TV is driven by a global network of servers located in over two dozen key cities around the world, including New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Sydney, London and more. This provides fast, reliable streaming of video content with the built-in scalability to deliver thousands of terabytes of video data each month, almost anywhere in the world.

NaturalNews.TV was co-created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of, with the purpose of providing a quality video site without all the noise and pollution of more popular video sites. All the videos on NaturalNews.TV are approved with the intention of supporting happier and healthier lives through education, how-to videos, instruction and commentary. The site supports free speech for the natural health community and strives to share information that can help people increase their health and happiness through knowledge empowerment.

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