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Originally published July 8 2010

Wildcrafted Acai berries from Brazil pack a nutritional punch

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Over the last several years, there has been a flood of information on the internet about the health benefits of Acai berries. Some of those claims have gotten out of hand, like "Lose 10 pounds in 10 days with Acai!" Acai isn't some sort of weight loss miracle, but it is an antioxidant-rich "super berry" from the rainforest jungles of South America, and it has a unique profile of phytonutrients that make it one of the top-recommended nutrition sources of superfood enthusiasts around the world.

I personally use Acai in my own superfood smoothies, and it's steadily gaining popularity with mainstream consumers across North America, Europe and Australia. But there's one problem with Acai: A lot of the "Acai powder" sold in bulk behind the scenes is adulterated, meaning it's mixed with fillers that decrease its nutritional value.

Finding pure Acai isn't easy

This happens with a lot of popular, high-potency nutritional products. We saw it with hoodia gordoni a few years ago, and we see it with Chinese Medicine herbs all the time: When a food or herb is extremely valuable and potent, there are always some less-than-honest providers somewhere in the world who will try to cut it with fillers and increase their profits by selling you 50% filler.

That's why, for the longest time, we never carried Acai berries in the NaturalNews Store. We didn't want to carry the product unless we could be 100% sure that it was extremely high quality, non-adulterated, pure Acai berry from a verified source. And to anyone who has experience in the nutritional products industry, you know how difficult that can be.

But patience has its benefits, and now after some serious efforts to find "the good stuff," our sourcing partner has delivered to us a shipment of several thousand ounces of wildcrafted Acai powder from Brazil.

Certified authentic Acai powder

This Acai powder has a Certificate of Analysis verifying it is genuine, unadulterated and true to the claimed plant identity. It is not certified organic because it's wildcrafted, meaning it's harvested in the wild, right from the rainforests of Brazil. (There are some things that are better than organic...)

These Acai berries are hand-picked, freeze-dried, ground into a powder at low temperature, then stored at near-freezing temperatures until they are packaged and shipped. The powder is 100% genuine, un-adulterated Acai berry, with no fillers, no excipients, no flow agents, nothing else!

This is nearly the last shipment of wildcrafted Acai berry for the year, because in the Brazilian rainforest, it rains from July through December, and you can't pick Acai berries in the rainy season. That means the next batch won't be available until 2011.

You can pick up this wildcrafted Acai powder right now at the NaturalNews Store:

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A truly great price on wildcrafted Acai berry powder

As always, we work really hard to get these foods at great prices and pass on those savings to you. Acai powder isn't cheap, however. And the "really good stuff" (like we have) is never cheap, but here's what we were able to put together for you:

A 4 oz. bag of Wildcrafted Brazilian Acai powder normally retails for $24.95. This is enough Acai for literally dozens of smoothies or other recipes you might want to add it to. (Make your own raw Acai berry ice cream!) Remember, this is 100% pure Acai berry, and it's a deep, dark purple color with zero fillers. A little goes a long way. This 4 oz. bag represents a much higher weight of fresh, raw berries before the moisture was removed from them.

While this supply lasts, we're able to make this available to you through our NaturalNews Store for just $14.95 (save 40%).

When you purchase three of these 4 oz. packs of Wildcrafted Brazilian Acai powder, the price per bag drops to just $13.32 (savings of almost 47%).

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These prices are the best you'll find almost anywhere on 100% authentic, wildcrafted Brazilian Acai berries packaged with absolutely no fillers of any kind. This is the real stuff. It's not only delicious, it's also highly nutritious and you can add Acai powder to all kinds of recipes to give them a nutritional boost!

The retail juice stores you might be familiar with are adding a tiny fraction of a teaspoon of this into their smoothies and charging you fifty cents for an extra "boost." Well, you can get your own boost at much lower cost by getting some of these 4 oz. bags yourself, then dropping a teaspoon at a time into any smoothie you're making in your own kitchen.

I like to blend together frozen organic mango chunks with coconut water, a banana and a teaspoon of this Acai powder, plus some spirulina. It makes for a super rich, dark-colored superfood smoothie that's absolutely loaded with nutrition. (I should film it sometime and just show you how cool this looks! Yeah... I'll do that!)

There are a thousand uses for Acai powder in smoothies, raw food desserts, fruit drinks and much more. Give yourself a nutritional boost with Acai at the best price of the year at the NaturalNews Store:

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I think you'll really enjoy this Acai. It is the best of the best. You won't find a higher quality Acai anywhere other than the rainforest itself. (Going to Brazil soon? Eat them raw!)

In the mean time, I'll see about putting together a video demonstration of how I use Acai in my own smoothies. That sounds like fun!

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