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Originally published June 9 2010

Universal healing principles unveiled during Natural News Talk Hour

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) This week's NaturalNews Talk Hour features a special program on "The Fundamentals of Universal Healing". Healing is a result of enabling and/or stimulating life. But what area of our body helps us stimulate life? We'll talk about how to improve your digestion, absorption of nutrients and removal of waste products from each and every part of the body to maintain optimal wellness.

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I thoroughly enjoy all of your talk shows! Thank you for giving us the knowledge on how to treat diseases and to get healthy again! - Bev

Speed-Healing Process Revealed

A baby blind and brain damaged - doctors said for life - healed in five days! A man given up to die with five by-pass valves - healed in 2 months! Broken fingers - set in five hours and healed within eight! How? By activating the electrical system within our body - amazing things can happen.

Deep breathing, rubbing the body, stroking the body, compressing tissues, and energy healing are things we can learn for ourselves. When these meridians or electrical pathways are properly activated they have the ability to pull out the dead cells, poisons, and excess water from around the cells to get the cells into what is called the "Dry-State".

Jonathan Landsman, Host of the Talk Hour says, "It's time to remove the mystery surrounding dis-ease and healing. All of us have the capacity to enjoy a perfectly healthy life. With the right information - everything is possible. Our next guest has a lot to offer everyone!"

Life-Saving Discoveries Revealed

Every cell in the body has a sodium-potassium pump in it that generates electricity which is POWER! This power is used to pull out all the dead cells, poisons and excess water from the spaces around the cells - keeping us in a "dry state". The dry state enables us to get OXYGEN from the blood vessels.

Oxygen-rich cells are healthy cells. It is interesting that 99.9% of the people throughout the entire world do not even know that every cell has a "Sodium-Potassium Pump" critical in maintaining perfect health.

This week's guest: Professor Karl West

Professor Karl West - "The Fundamentals of Universal Healing" Thursday June 10th

Professor Karl West is continuing the work of his father; Dr. C. Samuel West, and is the President of the International Academy of Lymphology. He was a speaker at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, California and is passionate about bringing cellular ecology out of obscurity.

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