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Originally published June 3 2010

Raw tahini, organic sun-dried figs and my health products philosophy

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Tahini is one of the favorite foods used by vegans, raw foodies and everyday health-conscious people. But not everyone is familiar with tahini. What is it, exactly?

Just like peanut butter is made from grinding up peanuts, tahini is made from grinding up sesame seeds! It is essentially sesame seed butter, with all the beneficial nutritional properties of sesame seeds.

Tahini is used by food enthusiasts to make all sorts of amazing recipes, from salad dressings and dips to cookies. You can use it to make a glazing for baked tofu, or add it to garbanzo beans to make a delicious hummus. You can even use it in veggie burger recipes (mix it with black beans and mushrooms).

Tahini is extremely versatile due to its complementary taste that seems to go well in both sweet and salty foods.

Why raw tahini is simply better

Most tahini, by the way, is roasted. And as you know, roasting or cooking nuts destroys some portion of their inherent nutrients. That's why many people who eat tahini like to get it raw. But raw tahini is a bit difficult to find in the stores, of course. And even when it's raw, it's usually extremely expensive, costing anywhere from $19 - $21 a jar at health food stores.

That's where the NaturalNews Store comes in. Once again, we've scored a huge discount for you on raw tahini. And not just any tahini, but the "Living Tree" brand of organic raw tahini, which is the brand that's best loved by those who know about raw foods.

Through what can only be called really good timing (and some good fortune to boot), we were able to acquire several hundred jars of this organic Living Tree raw tahini at an extraordinary price. You see, even at online retailers, these jars normally sell for $14.95 each. But through this special, we've been able to offer them to you at just $8.95 a jar -- that's over 50% off the typical retail price, and over 40% off the typical online price.

But it gets even better: When you purchase 3 jars of this organic, raw Living Tree tahini, the price drops to just $8.06 per jar! That's 57% off typical retail price, and it's the best price you're likely to ever see on this extremely high-end raw tahini product.

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Sundried, organic JUMBO Turkish figs

Having lived in Ecuador for quite some time, I really came to enjoy eating fresh raw figs. They're called "higos" in Spanish, and it's pronounced like "egos." So my neighbors and I would joke about how big we could grow our figs, and we'd accuse each other of having "the biggest egos in Ecuador" which always drew a laugh.

In the U.S., I've never seen fresh, raw figs in the grocery stores. That's because they don't last very long. They're good for about a day, and then they go soft and mushy. But if you catch them on that day, fresh off the tree when they're dark purple, they're amazing! I must have planted over a dozen fig trees on my ranch in the Valley of Longevity. You can see pictures of these huge figs from my ranch right here (along with other amazing plants):

Anyway, in the USA the figs you buy are normally dried figs, and they're really delicious, too! When properly dried, they concentrate their natural (delicious!) sugars while preserving most of their nutrients, too. They make an incredible, all-natural fruit snack.

What's really fun is to dip them in tahini! I often use a spoon to pack some tahini on a dried fig, then I pop it into my mouth and enjoy. It's a satisfying yet simple snack.

A great discount on organic dried figs

New in the NaturalNews Store, we've got one-pound bags of sundried organic Turkish figs at a great deal price (as you've come to expect of us!). Normally, a one-pound bag retails for $12.95. At times you can find it at $9.95 a pound. But now, through our special acquisition, we're able to offer these to NaturalNews readers for $7.95 / lb.. That's a savings of nearly 29% off the retail price.

It gets even better when you purchase 3 bags of these organic Turkish figs, because the price drops to $7.16 / lb., which is really just an extraordinary price for organic sundried Turkish figs.

Sure, you can find conventional figs at that price, but almost never organic figs at this price.

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My philosophy for recommending products

Here at NaturalNews, we've gained quite a winning reputation for putting together some really fantastic deals on some of the healthiest food and superfood products available anywhere. Through these product offerings, we've saved NaturalNews readers many tens of thousands of dollars on top-notch products.

I thought you might like to know how I choose what to offer through the NaturalNews Store, because these are decisions I take quite seriously. Here's my philosophy:

• I only recommend products I consume MYSELF and would openly recommend to my closest friends or family members.

• I only recommend products that contain NO JUNK, no artificial ingredients, no chemical sweeteners, etc.

• I tend to recommend products from companies that I know and TRUST. For example, our special offer on X-Balance superfood came out of my trust and friendship with Jan Lovejoy, the formulator of that product (who is a really wonderful human being on top of her great product formulation ability).

• I always work hard to bring you an extraordinary price on everything. It's usually the best price you'll ever find on that item.

You'll never see me recommending junk like conventional soy protein, food bars made with Sucralose, watered-down fruit beverages made with fructose, etc. I would never eat those things myself, so I wouldn't dare recommend them to you, either.

You see, I take a different approach than most resellers. I'm not interested in selling low-quality items, regardless of how much profit they might deliver. Most retailers know that the lower quality products actually give them MORE profit. That's why mainstream grocery retailers stack diet soda and Frito-Lay fried snack chips on the aisle end caps: They generate huge profits (because they're made with highly refined, cheap ingredients).

But I don't believe in doing business that way. My primary concern is your health, and when I can help bring you health-supporting products, I'm thrilled to be able to have the buying power to deliver those products at really good prices.

Every item you'll see me recommend here on NaturalNews is a top-notch food, supplement, kitchen appliance or other health-related item that I know you'll find to be immensely beneficial in your own quest for health and happiness.

Thank you for your continued support of the NaturalNews Store, and we'll keep doing our best to bring you more high-end products when we get find them at deep discounts for you.

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