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Originally published May 23 2010

Being Born into the Mainstream World is a Very Dangerous Activity (Opinion)

by Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) Coming into this world is more difficult and hazardous than ever before. Newborns are subjected to disposable diapers that cause severe rashes and burns while going through a battery of scheduled vaccinations that inoculate them with an array of toxins and poisons. Fluoride is appearing in baby water and formulas, and New York City is setting a precedent toward making midwife home delivery illegal.

Burning Diapers

In an Internet firestorm thousands of upset mothers complain about disposable diapers that create severe rashes and even burns. Two lawsuits are awaiting class action status, and it appears that an attorney's website trying to garner a class action lawsuit may have been hacked. Meanwhile, facebook forums and a Consumer Affairs website are loading up with mothers sharing horror stories of their infant children with those diapers.

The company, usually associated with soaps, accused of selling dangerous disposable diapers defends its position and implies the mothers are basically bonkers. Attempts to mollify complaints usually include a coupon for the same product! But many of the upset mothers assert that all the rashes and burns, many so severe that blisters and bleeding have occurred, disappeared as soon as different brand disposable diapers were used.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission launched an investigation early May of 2010. Even without a a class action suit, the refusal to recall these diapers with thousands of complaints going viral on the Internet gives the manufacturer a deserved black eye.

Jab Time

It starts at birth with the Hep B vaccine. Hepatitis B is spread sexually or with shared needles. This is just what a newborn needs before he or she becomes a promiscuous junkie at two months! Maybe screening the mother should be done first if you believe in vaccinations?

Before a child reaches the age of six, he or she will receive up to 21 different vaccines, of which some are repeated two to five times totaling perhaps 60 inoculations. Ever since the vaccination schedule for newborns has increased over the past two decades, there has been a dramatic increase in infant mortality and preschool age autism.

There are parents imprisoned for shaken baby syndrome when the death should have been linked to a very recent double or triple vaccination. Other infant deaths during a barrage of vaccinations are tagged as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Hardly anyone in the mainstream medical arena or press dares consider linking these tragedies to vaccinations.

Some MDs claim there is no limit to how many vaccinations an infant can receive. They claim the resilience of an infant's immune system enables this onslaught of viruses and toxins. But knowledgeable, honest health practitioners claim that the immune system is not fully developed until a child is in grade school.

Some pediatric institutions and pediatricians who publicly endorse this torrent of vaccine jabs for infants have been exposed as having strong financial ties with Big Pharma vaccine makers. Injecting those materials directly into the bloodstream places the pathogens and toxins past important primary immune system elements: nasal, mucous membranes, tonsils and adenoids, and the gut's intestinal flora. This is bad for anyone at any age.

There's More

Adding to the toxic overload are several baby waters and formulas with fluoride or chlorine. They're ready to buy off supermarket and pharmacy store shelves. C-sections are practiced more than necessary, and Manhattan has created a mountain of hoops to ensure midwives cannot deliver in homes. This way there can be more C-sections and early vaccinations.

If you know of a way to control where and when you reincarnate, at least try avoiding America for a few decades!

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