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Originally published April 29 2010

KFC and Komen - What the Cluck? (Take action now!)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) We've exposed the marketing fraud behind the Susan G. Komen "Buckets For the Cure" sham and we've satirized it with a hilarious online video and lots of editorial, but today it's time to take action to let Susan G. Komen know their pinkwashing campaign has gone too far.

To help us accomplish this, we've teamed up with Breast Cancer Action (, which is one of the very few honest non-profits out there. Barbara Brenner, the executive director of Breast Cancer Action, said this about Komen for the Cure: "This [partnership with KFC] will keep them in business for years. They talk about a cure, but this partnership will create more breast cancer. And Komen knows this."

So Breast Cancer Action has launched a "Stop the Pinkwashing" campaign. You can join in and let your voice be heard right here:

Breast Cancer Action explains their take on the "Buckets for the Cure" sham as follows:

We've seen a lot of outrageous stuff here at BCA, but we've never seen pink buckets of fried chicken being sold to "cure breast cancer". KFC and Susan G. Komen for the Cure have started a campaign telling us to buy buckets of unhealthy food to cure a disease that kills women.

This pinkwashing is especially egregious because KFC, like most fast food chains, is overwhelmingly present in communities that have poor health outcomes. Susan G. Komen for the Cure knows that social inequities affect breast cancer mortality rates. Given this disconnect, we are especially disturbed by this partnership. It's preposterous, and we have to tell them to stop.

Every bucket makes a difference? Only to KFC's bottom line.

KFC is pinkwashing to make a profit, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure is accepting KFC's bad-for-your-health money. Tell them to rethink this partnership.

Say it to their face: The P.R. spinmeisters at Susan G. Komen

You can also send emails directly to Andrea Rader and Emily Callahan, who are two of the top public relations executives at Komen for the Cure.

Their direct emails are:

Andrea Rader
[email protected]

Emily Callahan
[email protected]

It's okay that we're publishing their emails because this is exactly what their job call for: Relating to the public. That's why they call it "public relations."

If you send an email to these P.R. people, please respect the following guidelines:

• Do NOT send threatening, insulting or otherwise spammy emails.

• It is fine to express your displeasure or disagreement with the Bucket for the Cure program, but please do so with the support of reasoning that explains your position. (I.E. Fried chicken cannot cure cancer...)

• Remember that if you email THEM, they will now have YOUR email address and they may send you back Susan G. Komen propaganda.

• Once you email them, you can expect a canned reply containing yet more spin. It will explain, for example, that KFC has "healthy menu options" for people at the Komen for the Cure helps low-income women. (Actually, they primarily just go into black neighborhoods and irradiate the breasts of the women there.) But be prepared for a pretty hefty serving of pinkwashing B.S. when you receive your canned email reply.

Also remember that their reply will seem genuine. You have to remember that all the people working at Susan G. Komen for the Cure actually believe they're helping people. They "drank the kool-aid" so to speak, and they don't see anything wrong with selling buckets of greasy fried chicken laced with MSG to African American women who will later be diagnosed with breast cancer. To them, that's just their way of "helping women."

It's sick and perverted, yes, but this is what they believe. So you're probably not going to change their minds with one email, especially when their own salaries depend on keeping up the illusion that if people just buy more pink products, somehow a cure for breast cancer will be found.

Here's the take action petition again:

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