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Originally published April 28 2010

Review of Bear Fruit Bars, USDA Organic real food bars made with nothing but fruit

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In the world of food bars, it's tricky to determine what's really good for you. In this article, I'm going to reveal some common myths about food bars as well as a full review of certified USAD Organic Bear Fruit Bars (along with an amazing discount on getting some for yourself).

First, let's expose some of the myths of common fruit bars. The most popular fruit-and-nut bar on the market is Larabar. This bar, by the way, isn't organic. It's made almost entirely from conventionally-grown fruits and nuts. It's not even owned by Lara anymore: She sold out to General Mills last year. So now Larabar is just another big-name brand with a mainstream product. Sure, it's better for you than a Snicker's bar, but it's nowhere near the best that the industry has to offer.

The second myth concerns so-called "energy bars." In the food bar world, the term "energy bar" just means it's made with a lot of sugars. I can call a sugar cube an "energy cube", actually. Energy bars should probably be renamed "sugar bars" because they're often made with high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids or other such sugars.

The third myth is about "protein bars." While there are some very nice protein bars on the market from companies like Jay Robb, Organic Food Bar and Greens Plus, most of the "high protein" bars on the market are loaded with isolated soy protein. In my view, that's one of the worst proteins to consume. I've written about how soy protein is often extracted with the toxic (explosive) chemical called hexane. (

Introducing Bear Fruit Bars

Bear Fruit Bars are made entirely from USDA-certified organic fruit such as Apples, Cherries, Blueberries and Raspberries. That's it! There are no other ingredients whatsoever:

• No additives
• No preservatives
• No artificial colors
• No added sugars
• No wheat, soy or nuts (no traces of peanuts, either)

These bars are made only from organic fruit and nothing else. That makes them the simplest and most truly natural food bars available anywhere.

Plus, they taste great! These are so good that even kids love them. And the USDA Organic seal is the real deal. This is what the Organic Consumers Association teaches everybody to look for. It's the seal that means it's truly organic.

On top of that, these bars provide the all-important servings of fruits that are lacking in the diets of virtually everyone. According to a study undertaken by the USDA and the National Cancer Institute, then published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association (in 2006), 60 percent of Americans aren't eating enough fruits. Each Bear Fruit Bar provides from 1.5 to 2 servings of fruit, and it's made with the peel of the organic fruit, which is where many of the most important nutrients are found.

An amazing deal on Bear Fruit Bars for NaturalNews readers

Bear Fruit Bars normally sell on the Morfoods website for $29 a box, or $116 for 80 bars ( That's about $1.50 per bar.

But thanks to our special arrangement with Morfoods, which makes Bear Fruit Bars, we've been able to offer Bear Fruit Bars at 30% off through this amazing deal: Get 80 bars of four different flavors for just $79.95.

Or, you can pick up a box of 20 bars of any one flavor (apple, blueberry, cherry, raspberry) for just $24.95.

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As you've come to expect, we've been able to secure the absolute best pricing you'll find anywhere on these items. The NaturalNews Store is starting to become a bit famous, actually, for providing extremely high-end foods at amazingly good prices. (And we'll keep bringing you these deals as best we can...)

Bear Fruit Bars are among my top-recommended fruit bars. I travel with these because they make such an easy, nutritious snack on the plane, in a car, or hiking on a trail. They're also super delicious, and we already know that blueberries, cherries, raspberries and other fruits offer their own unique health supporting benefits. Bear Fruit Bars offer a tasty, convenient way to increase your daily intake of these healthy fruits!

Fascinating technology licensed from the USDA / ARS

One of the interesting elements in this story centers around the question: How do these Bear Fruit Bars stay shelf stable even though they aren't using any chemical preservatives? They're actually good for two years without going bad. Pretty amazing shelf life for something with no chemicals, right?

The answer may surprise you: They're packaged using technology licensed from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS), which developed a technique for drying the fruit just enough so that no bacteria can survive. Yet, surprisingly, the fruit stays chewy and pliable, sort of like a fruit leather but thicker and softer.

You can read more about that USDA technology right here:

To try these yourself, pick up our 4-pack of Bear Fruit Bars at 30% off retail price. At just $79.95 for 80 bars, it's under a buck a bar (which is pretty amazing for USDA Organic fruit bars). Your whole family can enjoy these at work, at school, on the road and on the trail.

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I think you'll really enjoy Bear Fruit Bars. I'm actually ordering a good number of extra boxes for my own travels.

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