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Originally published April 20 2010

NaturalNews Store offers Orange TKO natural d'limonene cleaner at discount prices

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Orange TKO is the amazing household cleaning concentrate made from orange peels. It's environmentally safe and non-toxic and yet has the cleaning power to remove stains and odors from almost any surface or material. It's safe and natural enough to use on pets and baby cribs, yet strong enough to degrease a farm tractor.

These remarkable properties are all due to the remarkable properties of d'limonene, a chemical created by Mother Nature inside orange peels. By processing the orange peels to extract this remarkable molecule, the Orange TKO company has created an all-natural, environmentally-safe cleaning liquid concentrate with a thousand uses around the home.

I've written a full review of the product here:

Orange TKO at discount prices

We've been able to acquire a shipment of Orange TKO at a deep discount that we're passing along to NaturalNews readers. Through your store, you can now get Orange TKO at the lowest prices you'll find anywhere!

A 16 oz. bottle of Orange TKO concentrate retails for $24.95. It sells on the Orange TKO website for $20.95 plus shipping. Through our special arrangement for NaturalNews readers, we've been able to offer the following:

• You can purchase one 16 oz. bottle of Orange TKO concentrate for $19.95. When you buy three 16 oz. bottles, the price for each bottle is reduced to $15.95! That's 36% off retail price, and a bottom-line cost of just under $1 per ounce. Remember, one ounce of Orange TKO concentrate makes 1/2 gallon of cleaning solution, so these three bottles makes a whopping twenty-four gallons of cleaner!

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Want an even better deal? You can get Orange TKO at an even lower price per ounce because we've also managed to stock some 1/2 gallon containers of Orange TKO concentrate. It normally retails for $54.95. The Orange TKO website sells it for $53.95 plus shipping. But through this special arrangement for NaturalNews readers:

• You can purchase a 1/2 gallon container (64 ounces) of Orange TKO concentrate for just $49.95. When you buy three 1/2 gallon containers, the price for each container is reduced to $42.95! That's 22% off retail price, and just 67 cents per ounce. Remember, because one ounce of Orange TKO concentrate makes 1/2 gallon of cleaning solution, this container makes 96 gallons of cleaner -- enough to clean a football stadium!

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This is the best price you will find anywhere on Orange TKO. We worked very hard to be able to bring you this special pricing, and I think you'll be thrilled with the practicality of this product.

When considering the price on Orange TKO, keep in mind that Orange TKO is a super concentrated liquid made from orange peels. You add your own water at home to dilute it down to usable levels. A mere two ounces of Orange TKO mixes with an entire gallon of water to create a household-strength spray cleaner!

That's why one bottle of Orange TKO concentrate is equivalent to 32 bottles (or more) of ordinary cleaners. Most cleaning products sold in stores are mostly just water, you see. But Orange TKO is highly concentrated, so you get far more product for your dollar after simply adding your own water. (It also saves a tremendous amount of money on shipping.)

Orange TKO does it all

Orange TKO, made from orange peels, has a thousand uses around the house, garden, office or farm:

• Clean all surfaces: Desks, countertops, doorknobs, etc.
• Wash your windows
• Degrease road tar from your car
• Wash fruits and vegetables
• Use in water for a soothing foot bath!
• Mop floors
• Clean garden tools
• Remove odors from your pets
• Clean carpet stains
• Remove gum or adhesives from almost any surface
• Kill black mold growing anywhere
• Clean toilet bowls and bath tubs
• Restore carpets after flood damage
• Remove tough stains from garage floors
• Clean tools, firearms, and other mechanical devices
• Clean sink faucets
• Wipe down your Vita-Mix or blender
• Remove stains from laundry
• Add to laundry soap to enhance cleaning
• Add to dishwashers to clean dishes
• Clean your car engine or interior

... and literally hundreds of other uses. There's almost no cleaning task this liquid can't handle. You'll use it daily around the home, office, ranch or farm.

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