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Originally published April 14 2010

Juice Daddy Jay Kordich joins NaturalNews Talk Hour

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) This week the NaturalNews Talk Hour presents "All Juiced Up!" with our special guest Jay Kordich, the Father of Juicing. Discover the power of self-healing as Jay shares his success in overcoming cancer plus much more.

Jay has influenced hundreds of millions of lives with his brand of enthusiasm and wisdom. The show is LIVE this Thursday evening at 6 p.m. Pacific Time / 9 p.m. Eastern Time and FREE registration is required. Simply enter your email address in the registration form on the right column of this page and you'll receive call-in details for the next show.

The NaturalNews Talk Hour represents a unique opportunity (each and every week) to get up close and personal with the greatest minds in natural health and healing. We like to "keep it real", educational and fun at the same time. If you're tired of the mainstream media message of "doom and gloom" then you're going to love the NaturalNews Talk Hour.

Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalNews Talk Hour, says "Each week seems to be getting better and better…Our show offers a message of hope designed to strengthen your sense of purpose. The next show is no exception…The Juice Daddy (Jay Kordich) has a passion for life that's simply irresistible!"

With participation by the Health Ranger, the NaturalNews Talk Hour features high-profile guests like Drs. Julian Whitaker, Bernie Siegel, Kenneth Cooper, Gabriel Cousens, T. Colin Campbell plus many other world-renowned experts on healthy living.

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This week's guest: Jay Kordich, The Juice Daddy

Jay Kordich "All Juiced Up!" Thursday, Apr. 15th

In 1948, Jay's entire life changed, as he contracted bladder cancer at the tender age of 25. A world-class athlete and football star at USC, Jay travelled across the United States to New York City to get well by world-renowned medical doctor, Dr. Max Gerson, who helped Jay cure himself of bladder cancer. As a result, Jay's life took a drastic turn for the better within only 3 months. From then on, Jay was infused with passion to teach all who would listen, taking him from one side of America to the other for over 40 years.

Jay became beloved in America as the "FATHER OF JUICING" responsible for influencing hundreds of millions of people, with his award-winning, infomercial airing for over thirteen years. His first book, The Juiceman's Power of Juicing sold over 2 MILLION copies, and reached #1 New York Times Best Sellers list. His second book, this time, co-written with his wife, Linda Kordich is entitled: Live Foods, Live Bodies.

For over 60 years, Jay has dedicated his life to Living Foods, Juicing and Longevity.
He has been a nationally-syndicated speaker throughout America appearing in over 500 television shows; over 1,000 radio talk shows, and featured in countless publications, such as, PEOPLE Magazine, USA TODAY and the Wall Street Journal.

It's Time for Inspiration! The Juice Daddy speaks out about cancer, healing and longevity. FREE registration is required. Simply enter your email address in the registration form on the right column of this page and you'll receive call-in details for the next show. Space is limited - Register Now!

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