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Originally published April 13 2010

Introducing Daniel Vitalis, an interview about water, immunity and SurThrival

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) If you don't yet know who Daniel Vitalis is, you're in for a real treat. Among all the people I've ever interviewed, Daniel is among the very best communicators in the world on cutting-edge topics like wild foods, spring water, medicinal mushrooms and the coming global changes that will restructure our entire civilization.

I recently sat down to talk with Daniel Vitalis about water, the coming water shortages, the potential for water wars and other fascinating topics. The full interview is available as a free MP3 download at:

Daniel Vitalis is a fascinating public speaker. Every time he gets on stage and speaks in front of an audience, he astonishes them with not just the depth of his knowledge but also the intelligence of his insight. Daniel can not only explain what's happening right now in the world of cutting-edge health; he can also outline a very convincing explanation of what might be coming in the years ahead.

So don't miss this interview. It's one of the most fascinating you'll hear all year.

The SurThrival product line

Daniel Vitalis is a resourceful and extremely intelligent person, and he has applied that intelligence to a DVD course called "Invincible Health" as well as formulating some rather extraordinary nutritional supplements.

You'll notice that his product line is called "SurThrival." What's up with that? It's about much more than just surviving -- it's about thriving! Everything Daniel works on is about improving the quality of life through enhanced health, the gathering of knowledge and the expansion of the human experience. He sticks with a very positive, uplifting message that's packed with eye-opening information.

Because we like what Daniel Vitalis is doing in terms of products and education, we're now carrying the SurThrival product line at the NaturalNews Store. Check out the full product line here:

Here are the key products in the SurThrival product line along with my personal comments (and experiences) for each one, including my story of hiking through the high Andres mountains near Quito.

Immortal Deer Antler Velvet Gold

About a year ago, I teamed up with Stan Grist to lead a tour into the high Andes mountains near Quito, Ecuador. It was a wonderful tour with a group of fascinating people, and we had an amazing time touring ancient civilization sites from the Inca and pre-Inca cultures.

Somewhere around the second evening of this event, several of us got stricken by some very serious food poisoning from eating at a local restaurant that obviously wasn't very clean. (This was before I learned the trick about taking Oregano Oil before each meal where there is a risk of food poisoning. The Oregano Oil has protected me ever since, but at the time, I didn't know about this and I got nailed with something extremely nasty.)

This was the kind of food poisoning that results in extreme delirium and explosive moments on the toilet. It actually landed myself and a couple other people in bed for one day while we cleared out the poison and regained out strength -- and we are all super healthy people day-to-day, by the way. This wasn't some virus we caught; this was straight-up food poisoning, like drinking poison and having to detox for 48 hours.

After one day of rest, even though I was still extremely weak and suffering from the poisoning, I knew I had to help lead the tour out of a sense of duty to the group. Stan had been hit with the same food poisoning, but he soldiered through the first day as I was sick at the hotel, so I felt an obligation to jump in and give him a break.

Sadly, this particular day had scheduled us to climb a mountain at something like 13,000 feet altitude, and it looked like it might rain on us, too. But with a sense of duty to the group, I slammed some superfoods, stocked up on extra water and T.P. and headed up the mountain with the group.

There's one other thing I did, too: I took two mouthfuls of Daniel's Immortal Deer Antler Velvet Gold formula. This is very, very strong stuff. You don't swallow it right away, either: You put it under your tongue and let it absorb right in your mouth. It has a distinct but not unpleasant taste, and it seems to kick in quite rapidly.

Within minutes, I felt a surge of energy that I still credit for giving me the strength to stay conscious as I hiked up this 13,000-foot mountain while suffering from extreme food poisoning. I didn't actually make it all the way to the top, and there were several moments when I thought I was going to pass out, but I managed to get up to the first level of ancient ruins (at perhaps 11,000 feet or so, I don't quite remember) before deciding to collapse in the thick, heavy grass with my wife and my friend Seth Leaf ( who had also been hit with the same food poisoning from the same restaurant. We rested for an hour or two, waiting for the group to return from the peak, and then we hiked back down.

Daniel Vitalis, by the way, went all the way to the top and was never hit by the food poisoning. Maybe it's all the medicinal mushrooms he eats... or secrets from his "Super Immunity" DVD. I don't know how, but the guy never got any food poisoning during the entire tour.

In any case, on this day I learned first-hand the value of extremely potent liquid supplements. Deer Antler Velvet is one of those ancient Chinese Medicine herbs that has been used for thousands of years to help support healthy energy levels, healthy stamina and overall wellbeing. I believe it really helped me that day in the Andes mountains. I was lucky that Daniel had brought some along and was willing to share!

SurThrival's product is humanely harvested, by the way: They don't kill deer to get this (or I wouldn't even be talking about it, of course). It's from the deer antlers that are regenerated by the deer each year.

Now, Daniel can tell you all sorts of amazing details about why this product is used by so many elite athletes, body builders, and even senior citizens who are looking to support their health and fitness. But I just want to say that if you want to try something extraordinary -- something that has been viewed upon as having almost mythical status by people over thousands of years of use in Chinese Medicine -- try a vial of Immortal Deer Antler Velvet Gold.

It's probably the most expensive (and most potent) deer antler velvet product on the market. It's not cheap, but it's not watered-down, either. Knowing who Daniel Vitalis is and the depth of his knowledge, you can only imagine how much thought and care he has put into this product. It is, without a doubt, the best of the best in this product category. When I buy this product, I personally want to know who is behind it, and knowing Daniel's knowledge and dedication to cutting-edge products, this is the product of choice for me.

Does Deer Antler Velvet turn you into a bulletproof superhero with rock-hard erections and the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound? No, it doesn't (sadly, because that might actually make for an interesting video review).

Deer Antler Velvet is not magic; it's biochemistry. I can't tell you everything it's capable of doing, because the FDA would jump all over me, and besides... results vary depending on your biochemistry. All I can say is that if you're looking for something to support healthy energy levels without using cheap stimulants (caffeine, guarana, etc.), and you want to experience improved results in your life, try this product and see what results you experience.

You can pick up this product right here:

Immortal Deer Antler Velvet Silver

This formula is a more affordable and less potent version of the "Gold" formula, above. It's basically half the strength at (roughly) half the price. Even at half strength, though, it's still many times more potent than many of the more common products I've seen on the market.

Surthrival Colostrum

You may already be familiar with colostrum, but in case you're not, this is the so-called "immune milk" that's produced by cows after the birthing of a new baby calf. This milk is biochemically enhanced by the cow to provide the all-important "first food" nutrients that help nourish baby calves while stimulating their immune systems to defend them against real-world infectious diseases.

Now, I'm no fan of processed cow's milk, but I do support people who consume raw milk, and I've seen many people experience what they described as very positive results from taking colostrum. This particular product, I'm told, is milked from cows only after the newborn calf drinks its share. The cows are raised organically, too.

Colostrum is a very potent nutrient mix: This container has 124 servings. It's available here:

"Invincible Health" DVD

Daniel Vitalis describes himself as a Health Motivator and Personal Development Strategist, and he's gathered his best and most sought-after strategies in this information-packed DVD set. The first DVD is about super immunity, and it reveals some rather astounding (and VERY different) information on how to naturally boost your immunity.

The second DVD is an exploration of the history and prohibition of psychoactive plants. It's not a topic for everyone, of course, but for those who are interested in the relationship between botany and consciousness, this is a fascinating (and edgy) discussion.

Like anyone who speaks their mind, Daniel Vitalis is also quite controversial to some people, and you may not agree with every single thing he says, but you'll come away from this DVD with a wealth of new knowledge and curiosity about areas you might wish to explore in your own pursuit of health and / or expanded consciousness.

Immortality Quest - Chaga

It's no exaggeration to say that Daniel is a respected expert on wild-crafted mushrooms. His formulations are extremely potent because they are water extractions of medicinal mushrooms.

This is an important point to understand: Many mushroom supplements on the market are merely ground-up bulk mushroom biomass. They take mushrooms, dry them, grind them up and fill capsules with it. While there's nothing inherently wrong in that, it's nowhere close to the potency of water-extracted mushrooms.

In a water extraction (which is the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach), the mushrooms are boiled in water to extract the powerful phytochemicals they contain. This water is then traditionally consumed as a health-supporting beverage. When this liquid is dried into a high-potency powder, that's called a dried "water extraction" of the mushroom, and it is orders of magnitude more potent than merely swallowing ground up mushroom biomass.

All the mushroom products in the SurThrival line are either water extractions or alcohol extractions (like tinctures that are dried into a potent powder).

Immortality Quest - Mushroom Synergy

This is one of my favorite mushroom products. It contains five mushroom water extractions, combined synergistically for maximum benefit:

In just ONE capsule, you get:

Organic Agaricus blazei extract
45% Polysaccharide (beta glucan) - 75mg

Organic Coriolus versicolor PSP extract
30% polysaccharide peptide (beta glucan) - 75mg

Organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) extract
18% polysaccharide (beta glucan) - 75mg

Organic Shitake (Lentinula edodes) extract
20% polysaccharide (beta glucan) 75mg

Organic Maitake (Grifola frondosa) extract
35% polysaccharide (beta glucan) 100mg

Check it out here:

Immortality Quest - Reishi

This is Daniel's Reishi mushroom product. Just one capsule provides:

Organic Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum Gano 161) - 400mg*
Cell wall extract 12%, non-linear polysaccharide (beta glucan), 6% triterpine (from fruit body)

Note, carefully, that Daniel's Reishi product is telling you exactly the potency of the measured compounds. Most mushroom supplements on the market don't advertise their potency with scientific numbers because they are very weak products made from ground-up mushroom biomass rather than high-potency water extractions.

By the way, the other company that offers very high-quality mushrooms made with water extractions is Mushroom Science. I've been a supporter of their products for a long time. also offers some very good high-potency mushroom blends.

The entire SurThrival product line, by the way, is also available on where the prices are the same as what we have at the NaturalNews Store.

You can pick up all these products (and many more) from the NaturalNews Store at:

Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy Daniel's edgy information on health, survival and super immunity. Be sure to listen to the full interview with Daniel Vitalis -- it will amaze you (I promise):

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