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Originally published March 24 2010

Certified organic whole vanilla bean powder on sale at the NaturalNews Store

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As our readers well know, we're always working hard at the NaturalNews Store to find and bring you incredible deals on healthy, delicious foods and food ingredients. (Actually, credit goes to Matt Monarch at The Raw Food World, which is technically the store behind our store.) And this week we have a really special item for you: Whole Vanilla Bean Powder at a fantastic discount of 40% off.

This vanilla bean powder is the real deal -- no artificial flavors or fillers. Just pure whole vanilla bean powder grown and harvested organically. Pick up a 4 oz. bag here:

Our vanilla powder comes from Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. It's raw and Certified Organic, and it's batch tested for microbial content and allergens, so it's among the most pristine vanilla powder you'll find anywhere.

And the taste will put a perma-grin on your face, too! This is a rich, complex vanilla bean blend that adds delicious flavors to any smoothie, raw dessert or other recipe. Vanilla powder actually "ages" much like wine, and many people are surprised at how it gets better with time. It has a very long shelf life, too, and doesn't require refrigeration.

I actually thought about growing vanilla in Ecuador. That's when I learned about how labor intensive this orchid plant really is: Each plant flowers for just one day and it has to be hand-pollinated on that exact day or else it won't produce the vanilla bean "fruit" that's later harvested. And yes, vanilla beans come from wild orchids. In fact, it's the only orchid that produces edible fruit. It grows only in high-humidity, rainforest environments (usually at low altitude).

Use real vanilla, not artificial flavoring

Vanilla has been prized for centuries as one of the world's most sought-after culinary flavors: It's used in chocolate bars, smoothies and even pancake recipes.

Artificial vanilla is a cheap, chemically-produced liquid, but real whole organic vanilla offers a far more complex and rich taste experience, much like a fine wine. The best chefs all know that when it comes to vanilla, you only use the real thing, not artificial vanilla.

While supplies last, our 4 oz. bags of organic whole vanilla powder are 40% off. We think this is a great deal on an exquisite flavor that will tempt your senses and add a rich, enjoyable experience to countless recipes in your own kitchen!

Pick some up at the NN Store:

Tip: I use vanilla powder in chocolate smoothies, along with just a pinch of Himalayan salt. The combination of vanilla plus a small amount of salt adds an amazing complexity to almost any chocolate smoothie, including chocolate avocado smoothies!

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