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Originally published March 18 2010

Behind the scenes video preview of the Healing Miracles LIVE event

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The "Healing Miracles LIVE" event is underway this Friday and Saturday in Southern California, where some of the best-known authorities in natural health and health freedom have gathered for a once-in-a-lifetime live event. Today, Jonathan Landsman and I filmed a behind-the-scenes look at the theater where the event will be kicking off Friday evening, and we previewed some of what you'll hear from the presenters.

Watch this behind-the-scenes video now to see what we've got going on:

Even though tickets are sold out at the event here in California, you can still join in on the entire experience from your computer, anywhere in the world thanks to our webcast technology. Just register at and you'll be able to take a live virtual seat at the event and watch it in real time Friday evening and all day Saturday.

Better yet, you'll then have full access to the entire video archives so you can watch or review any segment you want to, even after the event. This also gives you the option to simply watch the event later when you have more time instead of needing to see it this Friday and Saturday.

I personally have a fantastic presentation ready to roll with new material on self-healing, including a section I call "How to be your own Placebo Effect." You don't want to miss this: It's some of the most inspiring information on self-healing you've probably ever heard. My goal with this presentation is to have you feeling empowered, confident, fully charged and ready to put your self-healing into high gear by the time you finish watching this hour!

Beyond my own exciting presentation, we also have live presentations from Dr. Julian Whitaker, Charlotte Gerson, Dr. Len Horowitz and other magnificent personalities in the realm of natural health and healing.

Check out our behind-the-scenes video here:

And pick up tickets for the webcast right now at

We've made the ticket prices ridiculously affordable in order to share this with as many people as possible. All the action begins this Friday evening at 5:30 Pacific Time and continues all day Saturday (8:30 - 4:30). It includes a roundtable with questions from the audience, and if you're on the webcast, you can even ask questions remotely!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there LIVE in person, or in real-time through the webcast. You will really enjoy this event!

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