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Originally published March 17 2010

NaturalNews connects readers with premium astaxanthin and spirulina at unheard-of discount prices

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) As many NaturalNews readers already know, I've been a strong advocate of the amazing super-antioxidant nutrient astaxanthin for several years. And the source I have consistently recommended is Nutrex Hawaii, the name brand of the Cyanotech corporation based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Today, thanks to the efforts of Matt Monarch from The Raw Food World (which is the actual store behind the NaturalNews store), we've been able to acquire a one-time quantity of astaxanthin, spirulina powder and spirulina tablets from Hawaii at a truly unbelievable price that means huge savings to you on these nutrients I've recommended (and used myself) for years.

If you want to get in on these specials, here's the direct link:

These are the best prices you'll see anywhere on natural astaxanthin and Hawaiian spirulina, both of which are grown entirely without any synthetic chemicals or pesticides of any kind. We tried to acquire a large enough volume to take care of everybody who wants to get in on this ridiculously good pricing, but quantities are limited, and when this inventory is sold out, you'll never see it at this low of a price again.

Why astaxanthin and spirulina?

Spirulina and astaxanthin have both remained at the top of my list of highly-recommended nutrients. Spirulina, as you know, as a microalgae that's loaded with plant-based protein and a full spectrum of phytonutrients known for their many benefits. And astaxanthin is called "The King of the Carotenoids" due to its astounding antioxidant effects. It's a fat-soluble antioxidant that's found naturally in the flesh of salmon (it's what turns salmon pink) and is known to support the remarkable endurance and muscle recovery of those fish.

Through scientific research and testing, astaxanthin has been shown to offer protective antioxidant effects and anti-inflammatory support, among other benefits (see the downloadable book below for sources). It is known to help prevent UV radiation damage to eyes and skin, and I have used it for years as one of my top four supplemental nutrients. It works best when taken with a healthy, high-grade fish oil such as Moxxor, by the way, because astaxanthin is fat soluble.

NaturalNews actually gave BioAstin natural astaxanthin an Editor's Choice Award for "Best Product" long before we even created the NaturalNews Store. This is a product I've personally used and recommended to others for several years, and I carry it with me when I travel to make sure I always have some.

Astaxanthin may have protective health benefits for the following categories of people:

• Athletes and those engaged in regular exercise.
• Those who wish to support joint health and mobility.
• People suffering from inflammation who want nutritional support.
• Anyone who is outdoors with regular exposure to UV light.

Thanks to this special purchase we've made on behalf of NaturalNews readers, we have what I believe to be the world's highest-quality source of astaxanthin at a price that's a steal: 120 capsules, each containing 4mg of natural astaxanthin straight from Hawaii. It retails at $39.99. But because we are so dedicated to passing on these savings to our valued readers, we've been able to make it available through NaturalNews at the astounding price of $18.95. That's an amazing 52% off the retail price.

You will never see price this low again on astaxanthin. That's why now is the time to stock up. These bottles have at least a one-year shelf life. You can also store them in your refrigerator to keep them somewhat longer.

Take advantage of this deal here:

If you want to learn more about astaxanthin, download a free e-book on this supplement right here:

Keep in mind that this astaxanthin product is NOT vegan because it uses gelatin capsules. The spirulina below, however, is vegan...

Hawaiian Spirulina at the best price you'll ever find

Here at NaturalNews, I hear from readers all the time who say, "Hey Mike, I love the products you're recommending, but how do I afford them?" That's why we went out of our way this time to leverage the huge reach of NaturalNews to acquire these remarkable nutritional supplements at unheard-of prices.

And that's why we're passing on these impressive savings to you -- because I personally want MORE people to experience the health benefits of nutrient-dense superfoods like spirulina. The lower we can bring down the cost, the more people can afford to experience these superfoods themselves. And that's part of our mission here, of course: To turn people on to the superfoods and extremely potent supplements that we know can make a remarkable difference in their lives.

That's where spirulina comes into the picture: A 16 oz. bottle of Hawaiian spirulina powder normally costs $49.99 at retail. Amazingly, we're able to offer it to NaturalNews readers during this one-time sale at 50% off, or just $24.95.

And for Hawaiian spirulina tablets, we have bottles with 400 tablets for just $15.95 -- a huge discount off the usual price of $32.99.

Seriously, you'll want to stock up on this. We worked hard to bring you this deal, and we want you to benefit from this nutrition at the most affordable prices you'll ever see on these Hawaiian microalgae supplements.

Take advantage of this here:

Why Nutrex?

I've known the people running the Nutrex company for several years. In fact, I've personally toured their production facility in Hawaii. Nutrex is actually the brand name of the Cyanotech company, and you likely won't find a more authentic, positive group of microalgae farmers anywhere in the world.

Really: These people are upbeat, happy, positive spirulina farmers who love what they do. They create what is in my opinion the very best spirulina product in the Western hemisphere -- this is the spirulina I personally consume in my superfood smoothies.

The culture of the Cyanotech company is one of enthusiasm and dedication. These people are fun and upbeat but also highly intelligent and very experienced at what they do. The top guy at the company has been growing spirulina for several decades, and he knows his stuff like no one else in the business.

One thing that's truly unique about Hawaiian spirulina is that its grown in large aquaculture farms using deep ocean sea water drawn from the depths of the ocean off the Big Island. This deep sea water is, all by itself, a highly-prized source of ocean minerals because the water at that depth last saw the surface of the ocean some 2,000 years ago. Due to global ocean currents, it takes 2,000 years for this water to come back to the surface, in other words. And that means this water is pre-industrial-age water that is completely pristine and unpolluted by modern civilization. It's actually like using water from the past to make spirulina products for today! (That's why Nutrex spirulina has such a ridiculously clean profile when tested for contaminants and heavy metals...)

Canotech's ocean chill drying process is also unique: It flash-dries the spirulina at relatively low temperatures, preserving the delicate phytochemicals that give spirulina many of its most remarkable health-protective properties. Even the packaging used by Cyanotech is a step above the norm, and it's designed to preserve the product and prevent oxidation (which destroys nutrients).

With such remarkable attributes, you might expect to pay a premium price for this spirulina... and normally you would, actually. But through this rare purchase at the NaturalNews Store, we're bringing you this Hawaiian spirulina at a ridiculously good price for one time only.

So jump in and get some of this spirulina and astaxanthin before we're sold out. At these prices, this is basically a one-time gift from Cyanotech to NaturalNews readers, so I hope you take advantage of it. Had we only been interested in earnings on this, by the way, we could have easily sold these are near-retail prices. But that's not the point here -- the point is to get this nutrition into YOUR hands at the lowest possible price we could negotiate on your behalf. And if you shop around see what these products are selling for across the 'net, I think you'll agree we did a pretty good job getting you an amazing deal on these amazing nutrients.

Thank Cyanotech for that. And Matt Monarch at The Raw Food World ( who helped make this happen. And all the NaturalNews readers, of course. Through our combined efforts, we were able to make this happen for you one time only. Order enough to share with family and friends, if you wish, because you'll never see this good of a price on these nutrients ever again.

Here's what we have available:

Enjoy your astaxanthin and spirulina!

P.S. I personally take 2 softgels of the 4mg astaxanthin per day now (total of 8mg per day). On the spirulina side, I use the powder to mix in with my superfood smoothies, and I use the tablets to take with me when traveling or eating out at restaurants. I always take spirulina before and after eating all seafood due to the mercury contamination issue with most seafood these days.

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