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Originally published March 9 2010

Product review: Ormus Greens from SunWarrior - a new class of superfood greens?

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) There are a lot of good products in the superfood "greens" category, but few great ones. Now, a new contender joins the field from SunWarrior, the company that brought you SunWarrior Protein products (which remain among my top-recommended plant-based protein products).

The new product? SunWarrior Ormus Greens. It's not a protein product and not a meal replacement powder: It's a nutrient-dense "greens" product made primarily with oat grass, barley grass and wheat grass. They may not sound so impressive at first, but it's where and how these grasses are organically grown that makes all the difference.

SunWarrior Ormus Greens is grown in the United States. More specifically, it's grown in "pristine ancient sea beds" in Utah and Arizona, according to SunWarrior. That not only means the company exercises direct quality control over the ingredients (unlike grasses that are typically imported from other countries then blended into superfood products), but Ormus Greens also benefits from the full array of macro minerals and trace minerals found in these ancient sea beds.

There's also something else. Something I call the "Ormus factor." I'll talk more about that in a minute, but first here's the list of ingredients in SunWarrior Ormus Greens:

• Oat Grass
• Barley and Wheat Grasses
• Alfalfa
• Yucca
• Parsley
• Spinach
• Probiotic Culture
• Peppermint
• Whole leaf stevia

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You'll notice this list contains no proteins, no added vitamins, medicinal herbs, enzymes or flavors. It's just pure whole foods with a powerful probiotic culture that's actually grown in-house by the SunWarrior company. Most health products that use probiotics, you see, add a powdered probiotic to the formula and just blend it in late in the manufacturing process. But SunWarrior makes their own probiotics and blends it into the recipe LIVE, before it goes through the drying process. Even the drying process is a patented "cold drying" process that helps preserve the natural nutrients in the ingredients.

The taste? Rich!

Now for the taste test: To me, SunWarrior Ormus Greens is extremely potent. It's no doubt among the strongest tastes in the superfoods industry, and anyone who might be new to green superfoods would probably be overpowered by it if they drank it straight, just mixed with water.

But anyone can benefit from Ormus Greens -- at any taste tolerance level -- by simply mixing it with other superfood products. For example, if you take the most delicious superfood powders like Delicious Greens or Emerald Balance and you mix in a spoon of SunWarrior Ormus Greens, you'll immediately increase the nutritional potency of what you're drinking. Over time, your taste will get used to the grassy taste, and you'll find you can add an increasing quantity to your drink.

Or, if you're a hard-core raw foodie or superfoods guru, you can just drink Ormus Greens straight with water. Lots of people I know are already doing that, and even some elite athletes are pursuing this to rapidly alkalize their biochemistry in the hopes of gaining an edge in competition. But you don't have to drink it this way: Feel free to mix it with other superfood powders to find the right mix that's enjoyable for you!

Hint: I like it mixed with fresh-squeezed orange juice right out of my Hurom Slow Juicer (

Why grass?

When it comes to green superfoods, grass is still King for a very important reason: Nothing absorbs a wider array of minerals than grass.

Different plants absorb different minerals, of course. That's why pumpkin seeds are a great source of zinc, for example: Pumpkins retrieve and store more zinc than most other plants. Similarly, amaranth is a great source of iron because that's what it's pulling out of the ground and embedding in its plant tissues.

Grasses, it turns out, absorb some level of virtually all the minerals we know of, including platinum, gold and silver. But grasses can only absorb minerals when grown in a mineral-rich environment, and most U.S. farm soils are mineral deficient.

When you grow grasses in a super mineral-rich sea bed like the ancient beds found throughout Utah, you end up with a grass that has a ridiculously high trace mineral profile. It's a lot like drinking trace minerals except that through the miracle of plant chemistry, inorganic "raw" minerals are rearranged into "bioavailable" plant-based minerals that are more easily assimilated into the human body. Calcium from broccoli, for example, is far more easily absorbed than eating calcium from ground-up rocks and seashells.

So the more mineral-rich your soils, the more minerals you get in the grasses. This is especially true with alfalfa, which has roots that can reach down as far as 30 feet, retrieving minerals that have been untapped by previous farming that pulled minerals mostly from the surface.

Farming, in fact, might be described as a "mining process" that relies on plants to mine minerals out of the soil. Conventional farming is sort of like strip mining in that it pulls minerals out of the ground and carts them away without replacing them. Organic farming, on the other hand, relies on methods that replace the minerals through full-spectrum organic fertilizers, so you're replenishing the soils after each crop.

The SunWarrior Ormus Greens product uses grasses that pull full-spectrum minerals out of a rich sea bed of both macro and trace minerals. I wouldn't be surprised if these grasses are among the most mineral-rich grasses found anywhere in the health products industry.

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The Ormus Factor

There's something else about Ormus Greens that may be important to you: The Ormus factor.

"Ormus" is a term used in some circles to describe what might be called "transitional-state metals" or "high vibration" gold, silver, platinum and trace minerals. Ormus researchers claim that "Ormus" represents a subtle but important state shift in these metals that gives them higher "frequency" or vibration.

This is all considered fringe belief by conventional chemists, physicists and doctors, of course. But then again, they don't believe in magnetic therapy, homeopathy or even medicinal herbs, either. Heck, they don't even believe in telling their patients about Vitamin D!

Personally, I don't consider myself sufficiently informed about Ormus to explain what it is, but I hope to learn more in the near future. Here's a description of Ormus from a website that seems to represent the currently-held beliefs about it (

Ancient alchemical traditions and systems of natural medicine around the world describe how various preparations derived from precious metals enhance the life force, prana, or chi in the body, and thus produce extraordinary healing or rejuvenating effects for body, mind, and spirit. The art of creating the alchemical preparations made from precious metals has been passed on for thousands of years by adepts and spiritual seekers.

Recently researchers confirmed that when some elements shift into an energetically modified form (ORMUS), they no longer display their ordinary metallic properties, but assume a non-toxic and easily assimilated form. Researchers theorize that these elements consist of atoms whose electron shells have been orbitally rearranged. It has been proven that they defy ordinary instrumental analysis and assay.

Some ORMUS elements exist as an extremely stable, heat resistant, chemically inert, and non-toxic crystalline powder (i.e. monatoms/diatoms from metals, rocks, soils, and brines), others as oil-like liquids, or colloids (i.e. naturally charged colloids from from the air, fresh water, and plants). These elements are reported to tremendously enhance the vital life force (prana, or chi) in the body, and thus produce extraordinary holistic rejuvenating effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

The elements contained in them may be derived from volcanic soils, sea salts, water, or precious metals using processes developed after years of research, or rediscovered from ancient traditions.

In essence, then, Ormus is the result of a type of alchemical transformation of ordinary elements. Again, conventional chemists would scoff at this idea, pointing out that alchemists have been searching for ways to transmute one element into another (lead into gold, for example) for thousands of years, and none has ever succeeded.

But Ormus isn't really claiming one element is transformed into an entirely different element (on the table of elements, anyway). Rather, Ormus advocates say that minerals and metals are transmuted in a more subtle way that makes them safer (and even beneficial) for human consumption.

What does all this have to do with SunWarrior Ormus Greens? The grasses used in the product are grown in mineral-rich sea beds that are rich with Ormus-type minerals and metals, says SunWarrior.

In my opinion SunWarrior Ormus Greens stands on its own even without Ormus properties. To me, it's good enough just to have all the amazing trace minerals, probiotics and cold-drying process to preserve the nutrients. If there really is Ormus in there, and if the Ormus really does raise my vibration level, then that's just a bonus as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not trying to downplay the Ormus factor here, by the way. This could very well turn out to be the all-important "vibration" factor that separates low-vibration foods from high-vibration foods. Perhaps in the next decade, someone will invent an Ormus meter that will show us something that has so far gone unseen. The invention of the microscope, for example, opened up a whole new world of scientific understanding about microbiology. The invention of the Ormus meter could theoretically set us on a whole new path of understanding about minerals and the "vibration" of foods.

At present, however, I'm not aware of any instrument or (reliable) method by which Ormus can be measured or quantified. If there's been some important new breakthrough in this area that I'm not aware of, please somebody correct me with a post to this article, because I'm sure we'd all like to know about it.

Until then, if you'd like to pick up some SunWarrior Ormus greens, we have it available at the NaturalNews Store at a very competitive price, including 20% off for a 3-pack:

SunWarrior Ormus Greens is a fantastic superfood powder that's obviously extremely rich in minerals (including trace minerals). The taste is intense, the nutrition is remarkably dense and the growing, harvesting and processing of this product's ingredients follows a food production philosophy that's as good as it gets in the world today.

Enjoy your Ormus Greens!

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