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Originally published March 6 2010

Tooth Soap founder Karen Adler speaks out about creating a successful business as a working mom

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In a video interview now posted on YouTube, Tooth Soap founder Karen Adler speaks out about how she found the courage and creativity to create the Tooth Soap product line and grow her business to the internationally-recognized success it has become today.

In the video (, Karen describes how her passion to earn a living while staying at home with her children motivated her to discover the winning recipe that has now grown into a highly-successful international business known as Tooth Soap (

"I had tried so many businesses but most of them took me out of the house, and I really felt it was so important that one parent be at home with the children at all times, to be the influence that I wanted to have on them. My business actually revolves around my family," Karen says in the video interview.

How Karen found the recipe for balancing business and family

Through Tooth Soap, Karen has found great success while balancing business and family, achieving what many working moms dream of: A work-at-home business that allows abundant time with the children.

Karen describes herself as "a very spiritual person" and she's a big believer in staying on your path no matter who might try to sway you from it. "If you have an idea, now is the time to move on it. We are in a world of opportunity. The opportunity is great. Amongst the darkness in the world, there is a bright light. And don't watch TV! Read some happy books, do some positive things. Put yourself in the place where you need to stay positive and don't let anybody knock you off!"

In this video interview, Karen also describes why Tooth Soap is far superior to conventional toothpaste products. Referring to the inherent safety of the all-natural ingredients that go into her product, Karen says "Tooth Soap doesn't need a warning label [as conventional toothpaste products do]." She also describes the many benefits of Tooth Soap products as well as which ingredients are not found in Tooth Soap (artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, silica, fluoride, etc.).

Watch the video interview yourself at:

I've reviewed and recommended Tooth Soap products here on NaturalNews:

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I currently use the Tooth Soap shreds, but I've also used and enjoyed the liquids. The Tooth Soap shreds have become my primary tooth cleaning product, and I no longer use tooth "pastes" or gels.

Enjoy the video interview with Karen!

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