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Originally published February 17 2010

Special thank you to all NaturalNews readers from the Health Ranger

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) I've been writing for NaturalNews now for over six years, and in that time the most important thing I've come to realize isn't something about herbs, or nutrients, or Big Pharma... it's that I'm blessed to have you as a reader. And in this thank-you article, I'd like to share exactly why I feel to blessed and honored to continue writing for you.

When I was a kid, I used to volunteer in nursing homes. I would bring water to the elderly patients and refill the cups on their bedside stands. At the time, I thought my job was to deliver water -- it wasn't until many years later that I realized my true job was to bring these elderly patients something far more important: The smile and conversation of a young boy. The water was inconsequential compared to the joy these elderly patients experienced from spending a few minutes talking with a vibrant young boy, often while holding my hands in theirs.

Although I didn't know it at the time, this was my first experience as a healer. As it turns out, it was the first of many.

There's a simple truth that every healer understands: The healer heals himself (or herself) at the same time they encourage healing in others. The simple act of expressing compassion, positive intentions or the energy of self-healing to others also activates that response in your own being. This is one of the tenants of Buddhism, by the way, which is one of the religions I've studied. Buddhism says that the very act of expressing compassion toward others activates the various mechanisms of self-love that exist within yourself. It's a wise and universal truth to remember.

For me, writing articles on has been an act of compassion towards my fellow human beings. No matter what I'm writing, whether it's a series on self healing or a condemnation of the pharmaceutical companies, it all resonates with a common thread: A deep-rooted desire to end suffering among fellow human beings and see more people live out healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives.

That single mission has driven me to write over two thousand articles over the last six years -- articles that I've been told have touched the lives of a huge number of people. And although I may be the vehicle for typing these words onto the page, it is YOU who has made this effort possible and turned NaturalNews into such a popular online destination for people seeking the truth about health and healing.

Without your support -- your hyperlinks, your purchases of our books and your participation in our reader feedback polls -- none of this would be possible. You are the positive force that has given us the financial ability to pay the rent (and the staff) to keep NaturalNews going. You're the people who share these articles with others and thereby touch their lives in a meaningful way.

Of course, not everybody is ready for the bluntness of the information I publish on NaturalNews. For these six years, I've relentlessly pursued a simple policy when it comes to the news: Tell the truth and don't pull any punches. NaturalNews isn't designed to be pacifist, or politically correct or to appease any corporate interests. It's designed to give you the information you need, whether positive or negative -- information that can make a material difference in the health and safety of you and your family members.

Because of this, NaturalNews readers are a very special kind of people. They are the self-thinkers, the questioners... the true Skeptics! NaturalNews readers span all political parties, all religious affiliations and all races and nationalities. They believe in these things which remain the core principles of everything I write on NaturalNews:

• Empowerment of the People via truthful information.
• A sacred respect for all living things.
• Individual liberties combined with personal responsibility.
• Holding others accountable for their actions.
• Being prepared for the unknown.
• Compassion towards fellow human beings (as well as animals).
• Honesty and personal integrity; walking your talk.
• Healthy skepticism towards those who would seek to sell us factory-made, unnatural foods, products or medicines.
• Pursuing sustainable living with mindfulness of the effects of our actions on others: Other people and other living systems.

These beliefs put NaturalNews readers in a class of consciousness that is more advanced than the mainstream population. That's not said in a condescending way but rather with an understanding that different people are ready for expanded awareness at different times in their lives. Some people who don't follow NaturalNews today may very well find themselves enjoying it two years from now.

The fact that YOU get NaturalNews right now speaks volumes about who you are and the journey you've taken to get to this point. It means you've evolved past the child consciousness that corporations and authority figures often prey upon to control mainstream consumers. It also means you've embraced this very important idea of thinking for yourself in all circumstances.

There is no more important process of adulthood, in my opinion. And that's why I welcome and honor all those NaturalNews readers who may not even agree with everything published on the website. (I don't even agree with all of it, either.) We publish a variety of views from different authors who represent different perspectives on the world. You will continue to see a diverse collection of viewpoints, theories and explanations on NaturalNews, and your ability to see the value in NaturalNews does not depend on you agreeing with every article published on the website.

In fact, I would be disappointed if you agreed with everything! As a thinking, higher-consciousness human being, your job is much the same as mine: To take in information, evaluate it based on your beliefs and experience, and then decide what elements hold value for you and can become an integrated part of your life.

If you read just one article on NaturalNews in an entire year that makes a lasting, positive impact in your life, then it's worth the reading! That's why I keep writing; with the desire and the intention that every article I put out there is going to reach the right people at the right time so that it has exactly the message that person needs to hear to get off chemotherapy, for example, or to save their children from excessive mandatory vaccinations. The more people we can turn on to vitamin D and sunlight, nutritional healing and personal health responsibility, the more of a positive impact we can all make on the future of our world.

This is why I offer you my deepest gratitude for your ongoing support of NaturalNews and our articles, cartoons, videos, books and now even the NaturalNews Store. Please know that your support is mirrored here with our own efforts to keep reaching more people with a truthful, powerful message about self-healing and sustainable living.

And throughout this year, by the way, you will see powerful new features implemented on Our website is expanding in both content and functionality with new initiatives that you'll see rolled out over the next few months. It is your support that has made this possible, and I thank you for enabling us to continue our pursuit of our important mission.

You already know this, but it's worth repeating: NaturalNews speaks with an honest voice that is un-contaminated by any corporate agenda. We are not owned, influenced or controlled by powerful corporations. We are merely operated by ordinary people with extraordinary passion for telling the truth about health and healing.

Our message is not approved by the FDA, the CDC or the WHO. We will likely never receive mainstream coverage on CNN. We will never be acknowledged by the mainstream media in any honest way that tells the whole story of our mission, our positive impact and the lives we've touched with these efforts.

We have no advertising budget. We have no public relations firm. Individuals find us one at a time, for their own reasons, and they often discover a refreshing truth with NaturalNews -- a unique perspective on the world that at first shocks them, and then later comforts them. People notice right away that it feels different from the pre-packaged, processed "junk" news presented to them by supermodels reading teleprompter scripts on cable news channels. NaturalNews is real. It's genuine. It's written by people, not corporations. It's written to benefit YOU, not the quarterly dividends of some corporate sponsor.

NaturalNews will continue to stay real. The network is not for sale. The editorial content cannot be bought off. And I will personally continue to exercise our First Amendment rights to their fullest in my condemnations of drug companies, the FDA and anyone I see engaged in acts of corruption or dishonesty that harm my fellow Americans.

We will continue to oppose the criminal conspiracy of the cancer industry; the incessant disease mongering of the drug companies and the FDA's attempts to censor truthful speech about nutritional supplements. With your support, we will help fight mass fluoridation, mandatory vaccinations and the mammography industry with the only weapon we really need: The TRUTH.

The truth is on our side, friends, and we will one day emerge victorious in this battle for the safety and dignity of our fellow human beings. It is my deepest desire to one day see the natural products industry set free from the tyranny of the FDA; to see moms and dads teaching their children how to improve their health with sunlight instead of sunscreens; to see mass fluoridation outlawed and to see the criminal CEOs of drug companies arrested and brought to trial for their crimes against humanity.

With your help, we will continue to work toward these ends -- towards health freedom for all. I foresee a healthier, happier and brighter world in our collective future, and with your help I believe we can get there!

Thank you for your continued readership and support.

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