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Originally published January 21 2010

Sick-care America now needs another $1.9 trillion increase in debt limit just to stay afloat

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The US government is running out of money... again. So Democrats want to increase the debt limit by trillions of dollars... again. The newly requested debt limit increase is a jaw-dropping $1.9 trillion, which would put the total national debt at $14.3 trillion.

These are more than just numbers on pieces of paper. It's easy to get lost in the numbers and not realize the significance of what's happening here, but as I've explained many times here on NaturalNews (and on as well), what you are watching is the financial crumbling of the American empire.

No nation can support endless, increasing debt. It is a law of economics, much like gravity is a law of physics. America is testing that law by pushing the boundaries of debt spending with each passing day, but it's going to find that no nation can fiscally defy gravity for long. America's debt spending is spiraling out of control and cannot be sustained.

Much of this debt spending, as you well know, stems from the poor health of the nation. The sick-care spending on pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, unnecessary surgeries, and of course the immense loss of economic productivity due to people prematurely dying from pharmaceuticals and junk foods.

I've said this a hundred times before, and now even author Michael Pollan is saying it: Our toxic food supply will bankrupt our nation with health care costs.

What will happen to the money supply

America cannot sustain its current path of poisoning its people with toxic foods, poisoning them further with pharmaceuticals, and borrowing trillions of dollars from the world to pay for our disease, debt and war. The numbers just don't add up.

Sure, you can sneak by for a little while, borrowing money from other countries to support your own debt addiction. But now we are watching an accelerating blowout of U.S. debt that can never be reversed. Mark my words: The U.S. national debt will never be paid back. The voters won't tolerate it! (Because it would mean spending less and consuming less today.)

And that means all those countries who have loaned money to the United States should be prepared to lose that money. When lenders lose money, they aren't very happy about lending more money. And that means countries will reduce or halt their purchases of U.S. debt -- which is how debt spending money is typically raised.

It's already happening, in fact. China is already shifting its purchases of debt away from the U.S. dollar and towards other currencies. Many other countries are following suit. Because of this mass exodus away from "investing" in U.S. debt, the total amount of debt that the United States can sell off in a year is strictly limited -- to under $400 billion right now and probably much less in years to come.

Yet at the same time, the annual gross deficit of spending by the U.S. government is roughly $1 trillion a year, meaning that the total national debt increases by a trillion dollars a year, too. (These are really rough numbers. To see more detailed figures, visit )

The great counterfeit machine: $600 billion a year

The upshot of all this? If the U.S. needs to borrow $1 trillion a year, but other countries will only buy roughly $400 billion a year, the U.S. must print $600 billion a year in new money just to keep itself afloat. This is massive money creation and it leads to the obvious destructive effects: Currency deflation (the dollar becomes worth less) and price inflation (goods and services cost more dollars).

This means the dollars you're earning or saving will become increasingly worthless as all this kicks in.

We are now late in the game on this debt situation. If the U.S. government were a cancer patient, it would be a stage-four patient, breathing on a respirator and barely conscious. And yet somehow most of the American people take absolutely no notice of the extremely precarious financial situation.

There is a mass hallucination under way in America right now, where people think we can all go on consuming natural resources, feeding our children junk food, poisoning our bodies (and rivers) with pharmaceuticals, polluting the DNA of our crops with GM seeds, and ignoring the healing powers of herbs, nutritional supplements and super foods.

This mass hallucination has created what Dr. Gabriel Cousens calls "a culture of death" where people are invested in industries of death and philosophies of death. The sick care industry, in particular, is an industry of death. The food industry is an industry of death (because they sell mostly dead foods). The meat industry is an industry of death, as is the pesticide industry, too.

This culture of death pervades American culture -- a culture preoccupied with imperialistic expansion, the destruction of nature through unlimited urban development, and endless pursuits of "economic activity" through corporations whose profits depend on sickness, disease and death. So much of the U.S. economy is now invested in disease and death that transforming the U.S. economy into one based on health and happiness would devastate the economy with job losses. It's really that bad...

Optimism, or just gullibility?

There are those who believe that America can somehow pull itself out of this spiral of disease and debt. They think that somehow, some future political leaders will magically discover a conscience and guide America to live within her means. Some even believe that members of Congress will be suddenly and magically imbued with a sense of health awareness and sustainability, and they will overthrow the corporatocracy by voting against their own self-interests and instead voting to defend the interests of the people.

To believe that such things might occur is foolish. I have no such illusions. I've been around enough to know that when it comes to corporations and politicians, short-term greed always wins out over long-term sustainability. People want their debt spending NOW. They want their junk foods NOW. They want their "free" sick care system NOW. Very little thought is given to the concepts of what might be better for the long-term sustainability of a family, a community or a nation. Or the world, for that matter.

There is no saving America from its self-inflicted financial demise. It is now only a matter of time before the financial blowout takes its course, leaving Americans diseased and bankrupt, sitting on piles of useless paper dollars and wondering how it all happened...

Why America needs to fail before it can succeed

But this is good news in the bigger picture, because America actually needs to learn a tough lesson about health and finances in order to have a brighter future. The day the federal government goes broke and can no longer pay the salaries of FDA employees is a great day for health freedom. The day that the whole system of government-sponsored Big Pharma medical tyranny goes broke is the day that America might finally set a new course for a healthier future based on health freedom and safe, affordable natural medicine rather than monopoly-priced chemicals sold by criminally-operated corporations.

America needs to fail before it can succeed because the lessons of sustainable civilization have not yet been learned by America's leaders (or most of its people). The sooner this corrupt, broken system of disease and debt fails, the sooner we can all get on with the business of structuring a new society based on healthy food, honest money and health freedoms.

So don't mourn the coming financial death spiral of the United States of America. From its impending failure and rebirth, we (and our children) can learn important lessons about how to structure a more successful society in the future. I can tell you this: No successful society can sustain a huge pharmaceutical sector because pharmaceuticals cause both death and debt -- the two very things that destroy a society at its core.

In order for America to have a future, Big Pharma needs to be put out of business. And it will be when the federal dollars run out. After all, if given a choice of how to spend their own money, virtually no one would choose a $200 bottle of chemical pills over a $10 bottle of natural supplements that are safer and more effective. Big Pharma's very survival, in other words, depends on the financial survival of the U.S. government, and that's a bet the pharmaceutical industry will eventually lose.

Health freedom will always win in the end because no government that denies its people access to healing foods and natural medicines will survive for very long.

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