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Originally published January 21 2010

Antibiotic Resistant Germs Threaten while Colloidal Silver is Banned in EU

by Paul Fassa

(NaturalNews) Here's breaking news that's a double barrel blast. A November 2009 Henry Ford hospital report claims dangerous Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) bacteria are approaching epidemic status, and so are other antibiotic resistant microbes. And now: As of January 1, 2009, the EU (European Union) has effectively banned a well known natural antibiotic, colloidal silver.

These two events could seriously affect global health if the antibiotic resistant strains continue and if the American continent mimics the EU's colloidal silver ban.

A Bit on MRSAs and Other Bad Bugs

There are numerous ways that bacteria become antibiotic resistant. When several are being killed off by a particular antibiotic, others are genetically working out survival strategies. It's a war, and the survivors find ways to defend, hide, and even neutralize that antibiotic. They can also find other genes to adopt and enhance their survival.

MRSAs were first announced as hospital infections that left you worse off than when you entered. According to Professor Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, PhD, author of How to Survive in a World Without Antibiotics, a lot of this was due to sloppy and lazy hospital hygiene, especially among surgeons and anesthesiologists. The reliance of antibiotics for infections replaced the importance of proper precautionary hygiene.

But MRSAs are not only from hospitals anymore. Community MRSAs, which originate outside of hospitals, are on the rise. Dr. Scott-Mumby mentions a new strain that is respiratory contagious and more virulent than the skin contagious MRSAs. If they work their way into vital organs, those staph infections can be lethal.

This is the result of over prescribing antibiotics and using an enormous amount of antibiotics on livestock in the food chain. Not only do livestock antibiotics get passed on to health unconscious consumers, but the livestock breed antibiotic resistant bacterial mutations that enter the food chain. Antibiotics are even appearing in some water supplies. As more antibiotics get consumed, more antibiotic resistant bacteria will appear.

What Does This Have to Do With Colloidal Silver?

Pharmaceutical antibiotics have side effects, including the death of much of one's necessary gastrointestinal (GI) friendly bacteria. According to many health experts, a correctly synthesized colloidal silver liquid is a potent antibiotic for pathogenic bacteria only. The good guys remain intact!

As the EU goes with its supplement bans, so eventually will the Americas go. This is what Big Pharma wants. They know good colloidal silver works, and they don't want the competition. Not all colloidal silver products are equally efficacious, but they are all expensive! So why not make your own colloidal silver for a lifetime supply on demand with quality control no matter what happens?

There are battery or wall current generators with silver electrodes available from under $100 to slightly over $200. But when you consider paying $20 or more for a small bottle over and over (if these MRSAs and other bacterial pathogens become epidemic because they can no longer be restrained by antibiotics), it's quite cost effective. Besides, you can use it for any infection, epidemic or not.

These kits produce colloidal silver by running a small current through electrodes in distilled water. Nano-particles and ions electrically discharged from the silver electrodes go into the solution. The lower the current, the smaller the particles are. Smaller is better with colloidal silver. Larger particles won't penetrate tissues and cells where the bad bugs are causing damage.

Considering the possibilities of a bacterial epidemic in a world without antibiotics, it seems worthwhile to look into having a perpetual silver colloidal manufacturing apparatus that creates a comprehensive antibiotic while not destroying your beneficial bacteria.

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