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Originally published December 31 2009

Use Superfoods in Holiday Recipes This Season

by Dr. David Jockers

(NaturalNews) The holiday season is notorious for its traditional comfort foods. Loaded with sugar, hydrogenated oils, & preservatives, these classic favorites do nothing to support our health. This late season binge sets so many of us off into the new year with a huge energy drop and lowered immunity.

There are so many natural foods, herbs, & spices that are exploding with the tastes and textures we love. So why do we buy into the "holiday season hypnotic-trans" and submit to the man-made death trap of processed foods? Make your holiday season healthier and more harmonious with the best superfood nutrition. Try utilizing these 3 nutritional powerhouses in your recipes:

1. Cinnamon: This incredible guy is the 2nd highest ranked anti-oxidant rich spice with an incredible ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbancy Capacity) score of 267,536. Cinnamon`s powerful essential oils are known for their "anti-microbial" factors. Studies have shown this spice to be highly effective at halting the growth of bacteria and fungi, including the commonly problematic yeast Candida.

Cinnamon also helps to balance blood sugar by stimulating insulin receptors, giving them a stronger affinity for the blood-sugar lowering hormone. In response, the body needs to produce less insulin in order to create the desired effect. This creates less pancreatic stress, improved metabolic rate, and decreased inflammation.

If this isn`t enough, the mere scent of cinnamon has been shown to powerfully stimulate regions of the brain allowing for greater attention span & memory. Sprinkle tons of this amazing spice on sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, fruit, pastries, ice cream, egg nog, etc.

2.Cacao: This nutritional powerhouse is the 5th highest anti-oxidant rich food boasting an ORAC score of 80,933. Chocolate is made from the Theobroma cacao seeds. The seeds are dried, roasted, & processed to form cocoa. Cocoa is the major component of chocolate. Cacao beans taste like dark chocolate, because they are dark chocolate!

Cacao contains a group of powerful anti-oxidant polyphenols called flavonoids that include catechins, epicatechins (the widely regarded anti-oxidant in green tea), and procyandins. These phytonutrients are known for their incredible ability to reduce free radical attack, destroy bacteria/viruses/yeast development, and inhibit cancer formation

Cacao is also rich in major minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese. These minerals are essential in maintaining normal cardiovascular tone (stabilizing blood pressure), immune, neurological, and reproductive health. Incredible cacao based recipes the whole family will love can be found at

3.Coconut: This nutritional powerhouse is a high-energy, weight loss, immune boosting superstar. The 90% saturated fat content of coconut oil has been given a bad rap for ages, but the new science has shown these medium chain triglycerides (MCT`s) to actually improve cardiovascular function by reducing inflammation. They also contain stearic acid, which is the preferred fuel for the heart. In addition, the saturated component gives coconut oil remarkable strength to maintain its normal structure under high heat. Due to this relatively incombustible nature, it is the supreme oil to cook with and to utilize as a facial & body moisturizer.

Unlike most fatty acids, MCT`s do not require bile or large amounts of pancreatic enzymes to be metabolized. This characteristic makes them easy for the liver, pancreas, and the rest of the digestive system. Coconut has also been shown to stimulate the thyroid, speed metabolism and increase the body`s natural fat burning abilities. Finally, the MCT`s enhance immunity by providing strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal functions.

Be sure to utilize the many coconut products such as coconut oil, milk, cream, flour, flakes, ice cream, etc. in your different recipes. They are great in frostings, egg nog, creams, cookies, etc.


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