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Originally published December 11 2009

Jane Goodall Institute partners with Pangea Organics with exclusive offer for NaturalNews readers

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In perfect congruency with Dr. Jane Goodall's philosophies about environmental responsibility, the Jane Goodall Institute ( has partnered with Pangea Organics (, a company that NaturalNews has for many years lauded as among the top environmentally-conscious personal care product companies in the world.

Pangea Organics offers hand-crafted, organic, palm oil-free bar soaps, shampoos, lip balm, body wash and many other body care products. They're all cruelty-free, palm oil-free and contain no synthetic fragrance chemicals. Most of the packaging is made from post-consumer recycled material, and the packaging for many products actually contains living tree seeds that can be planted and grown.

Under this unique partnership between the Jane Goodall Institute and Pangea Organics, all NaturalNews readers can purchase Pangea Organics products at 25% off through the end of December, 2009. Even better, 5% of every purchase is donated to the Jane Goodall Institute to support its global environmental stewardship education programs.

Simply use the discount code GOODALL with your online purchase from Pangea Organics ( You'll receive the 25% exclusive discount, plus 5% will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. This unique, time-limited arrangement lets you do something good for your health while raising funds to help protect our planet at the same time! (Offer expires at midnight, December 31, 2009.)

"[Pangea] has such good environmental and social ethics. That's what we look for in our partners," Goodall told NaturalNews in an exclusive interview. (

Fundraising is important to support the outstanding work being pursued by the Jane Goodall Institute. "We need to raise funds. All our projects are fabulous, but like so many NGOs, we're hurting in the economic downturn, and so to find a partner with impeccable ethics and decent people and build a partnership with them is a win / win / win situation," Dr. Goodall explained.

Consumer Wellness Center pledges $1,000 donation to Jane Goodall Institute

NaturalNews earns nothing from this special offer. In fact, our related non-profit organization, the Consumer Wellness Center, is pledging a $1,000 donation today to the Jane Goodall Institute.

This is part of the CWC's ongoing distribution of funds to important causes for health and the environment. Read some of the CWC's success stories from our 2009 grants right here:

Health Ranger recommends Pangea Organics

Pangea Organics demonstrates the kind of environmentally-conscious business ethics that our world desperately needs. Even without the partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute, Pangea Organics is a company that deserves your repeat business.

With Dr. Goodall's partnership on top of that, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to become a customer of a top-notch body care company while knowing that each purchase you make helps support the efforts of a legendary woman and scientist who has pioneered enormous positive change through her environmental stewardship.

This holiday season, consider making Pangea Organics one of your top choices for acquiring ethical gifts for your friends or family members. At 25% off, with 5% donated to the Goodall Institute, this exclusive offer for NaturalNews readers is a rare opportunity to be part of something extremely positive -- both for yourself and the planet!

Simply use discount code GOODALL with any purchase from Pangea Organics through the end of December, 2009:

NaturalNews is donating ad space to promote this special offer through December, 2009. In effect, this NaturalNews offer is being supported by four organizations here: Pangea Organics, the Jane Goodall Institute, NaturalNews and the Consumer Wellness Center.

For those who decide to take advantage of this unique offer, I personally thank you for your support of both Pangea Organics and the Jane Goodall Institute. Enjoy your Pangea Organics products, and thanks for making a positive difference in our world!

Please consider giving the gift of a Chimpanzee Guardianship this holiday season

(A special message from the Jane Goodall Institute)

Your support will delight the animal lover in your life, and, most importantly, help the Jane Goodall Institute shelter chimpanzees like Kauka and Vichika -- orphans whose families were killed before their eyes by poachers.

The chimpanzees at JGIís Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo had a traumatic start to life, but with the support of people like you, they are nurtured back to health and happiness. And they get a new chimpanzee "family."

Please help the Jane Goodall institute give orphaned chimpanzees at Tchimpounga nutritious diets, TLC, and the chance to roam the forest, feel the sun on their backs and play with other chimps.

Your gift of a Chimp Guardianship will not only thrill someone you care about -- it will mean the world to everyone at the Jane Goodall Institute and Tchimpounga.

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