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Originally published October 30 2009

Hypnosis can Help in Cancer Treatment

by Orik Ibad

(NaturalNews) Research made in the last decade shows that hypnosis can cure many medical problems with no side effect. Hypnosis is now successfully used in different areas such as quitting smoking, weight loss, stress reduction, stopping negative thoughts, anger management, pain control and so on. Also the latest experiences show that hypnosis can have positive effect on different aspects of cancer treatment.

There are different therapies for cancer including drugs, hypnosis, radiation, reiki, special diet, surgery, emotional healing, ozone treatment, fruit juice treatment, chemotherapy and so on. Unfortunately, most cancers can not still be cured even with the help of modern science. So, there is a need for a different approach to cancer treatment. Cancer specialist DR D. W. Smithers writes that "Like other names used in science, cancer is just a shortened way of saying something that cannot be simply defined - cancer is no more a disease of cells than a traffic jam is a disease of cars. A lifetime of study of the internal combustion engine would not help anyone to understand our traffic problems. Cancer is a disease of organization, not a disease of cells." Yes, we need a complex approach to find the treatment of cancer through mind-body connection.

Most people think that hypnosis can not make physical changes in somebody. It is not true. Recent scientific researches prove that mind cells are tightly connected with the body. It means that you can affect your body by making changes in your mind. Sure, the best way to make changes in your mind is through hypnosis. That is the point. If we affect our mind using right hypnosis techniques then most incurable problems can be solved.

So, can hypnosis cure cancer today? It is not easy to answer this question. There is some evidence of complete cancer remission through the use of hypnosis, and progress has been made with certain hypnotic techniques (metaphors, analogy). Also there are positive results with the use of hypnosis as a treatment for the side effects of chemo and radiation treatment. Hypnosis is very effective for pain control in cancer treatment.

Hypnosis affects the pain cells in the mind and helps to release the pain. Hypnosis is very effective in the treatment of cancer phobia. Our emotions affect our attitudes. You will be more healthy and stronger if you focus on wellness rather than on the fear of dying. Most time, it is fear that kills cancer patients. There are many cases that patients can win cancer and achieve complete cancer remission with the help of positive thinking and of releasing the fear this way.


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