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Originally published October 29 2009

Interview with Alex Holland, founder of Asian Institute of Medical Studies in Arizona

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the western world as patients find it to be safe, effective and affordable. One TCM school in Tucson Arizona trains future TCM practitioners on the philosophy and practice of Chinese Medicine. Founded by Alex Holland, the Asian Institute of Medical Studies ( is an accredited school that teaches all the foundations of Chinese Medicine: Pulse analysis, Chinese herbology, tongue analysis, acupuncture, Tui Na, and so on.

In this exclusive interview with NaturalNews editor Mike Adams, Alex Holland discusses the philosophy of Chinese medicine and how it differs from the reductionism of western medicine. The complete interview is available as an ad-free, DRM-free MP3 download from:

Founded in 2000, the Asian Institute of Medical Studies has taken part in clinical trials assessing the efficacy of acupuncture on both GERD and, in another trial, on PTSD. The school offers a variety of academic programs described here:

You can follow the school's tweets at

In the interview, Alex Holland also discusses the accreditation of Chinese Medicine schools, the acceptance of Chinese Medicine in the minds of state legislators, and the integration of Chinese Medicine into the health insurance industry.

Mike Adams and Alex Holland also explore the differences between allopathic medicine vs. holistic healing.

Listen to the full audio interview at:

Visit the school's website at:

Alex Holland is also the author of a book called Voices of Qi, available at

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