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Originally published October 24 2009

Beware of swine flu internet scams, counterfeit medicines

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) With the swine flu pandemic upon us, the FDA is warning people to beware of swine flu scams on the internet. NaturalNews is joining in the warnings today, urging people to beware of scams that cost big money but simply don't work to prevent H1N1 swine flu.

For example, both the FDA and CDC are pushing a collection of swine flu vaccines that have never been subjected to any scientific testing to determine whether they actually work. These vaccines are, in technical terms, a "hoax." Lacking any scientific evidence of efficacy, they are a scam that should be avoided by all health consumers.

You can learn more about the lack of efficacy for the swine flu vaccines here:

Besides the vaccine efficacy scam, there's also the vaccine safety scam that people may fall for. Vaccines can contain thimerosal, a substance made with mercury, an extremely toxic heavy metal. Swine flu vaccines are also made with adjuvants such as squalene -- an inflammatory chemical suspected of causing brain swelling in some patients who receive the vaccine.

None of the FDA-approved swine flu vaccines has been long-term tested for safety, and many of the substances used in the vaccine are extremely dangerous to inject into the human body.

Beware the Tamiflu counterfeit scam

Alongside the swine flu vaccine scam is another common scam being pushed by drug companies: The Tamiflu scam. Tamiflu, an anti-viral prescription drug, has already been linked to the death of children in Japan. It is well known to cause wild hallucinations in many children who take it. And yet, at the same time, its ability to actually halt swine flu infections is doubtful.

Because Tamiflu is synthesized to mimic shikimic acid found in the Chinese Medicine herb Star Anise, it is a counterfeit medicine. The real medicine is made by Mother Nature. Pharmaceutical companies pirated the molecules from nature (biopiracy) in order to manufacture their own counterfeit medicine in a lab. Beware of counterfeit medicines promoted on the internet through mainstream media stories or CDC propaganda.

There are many other examples where Big Pharma has pirated molecules from nature, then patented them to make their own counterfeit drugs. Statin drugs, for example, are counterfeits that attempt to mimic the natural lovastatin molecules found in red yeast rice.

Watch out for the idea scam

The worst scam being pushed on the internet isn't a product, it's an idea: The idea that only vaccines and prescription drugs can protect you from the swine flu and that nutrients like vitamin D are useless. Con artists at the FDA, CDC and drug companies are fronting this scam in order to convince consumers that only vaccines and prescription drugs work, but in reality there is a whole universe of herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, immune-boosting products and even anti-viral foods that can help protect you from influenza infections.

Garlic, for example, has potent anti-viral properties, as do many medicinal mushrooms. Herbs such as astragalus, lemon balm and oregano are highly anti-viral, and unlike vaccines, they don't require being injected with toxic chemicals. Herbs, foods and dietary supplements are naturally more compatible with the human body because they're made from the foods and medicines our bodies evolved with.

Beware of fake swine flu medicines such as vaccines or prescription chemicals that are manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories. These aren't real medicine; they're fake, man-made medicine made with chemicals. Real medicine comes from Mother Nature in the form of living plants. NaturalNews urges consumers to avoid being fooled by drug companies into thinking that synthetic chemicals equate to "real" medicine.

This flu season, be a smart consumer. Get your flu medicines from real sources -- from real plants made by nature -- not from fabricated, counterfeit sources such as pharmaceutical factories. Avoid the scams and hoaxes being pushed by the FDA, the FTC, the CDC and drug companies. Don't become a victim to the profiteering of the pharmaceutical companies that are acting like quacks to exploit the swine flu pandemic for their own profit.

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