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Originally published October 14 2009

New Studies Link Cell Phone Use to Cancer and Other Maladies

by Aaron Turpen

(NaturalNews) The discussion of cell phones and the problems they can cause is nothing new to Natural News readers, of course. Studies have linked cell phone radiation to changes in brain physiology, declines in sperm quality, cancer, and more.1

Newly released studies in 2008 and 2009, compiled at the Environmental Working Group,2 have linked cell phone use to brain cancer, salivary gland tumors, behavioral problems, migraines and vertigo, and more. These newer studies show that use of a cell phone for ten years or longer can have serious impacts on a person's health by raising the chances of problems many-fold.

Two research groups working independently of one another both analyzed data from earlier studies and found a 50 to 90% increase in the risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma, both brain tumors. Both appear most often on people's "talking" side (the side of the head their cell phone is usually used). An Israeli study found a 50-60% higher chance of salivary gland tumors for those who have a high cell phone use.

Children are especially at risk, it appears, and new European laws are now in place because of that. Six nations (Switzerland, Germany, Israel, France, the UK, and Finland) have had their health agencies recommend reducing childrens' exposure to cell phone radiation. The European Parliament passed a resolution in 2008 urging EU members to lower radiation limits for cell phones in their countries.

These were largely due to research such as one in which Danish children who use cell phones often were shown to have an 80% higher risk of emotional and hyperactivity problems. Mothers who use cell phones heavily during pregnancy had the same risks.

Another Danish study linked long-term cell phone use with higher chances of migraines, vertigo, and hospitalization for those symptoms.

With about 2/3 of the world and an estimated 87% of the United States population using cell phones daily, one has to wonder what all of this will mean for us. Today's generation of teenagers have never known a world without mobile phones and phone companies continue to push the limits of already-loose FCC regulations on cell phone radiation levels in order to boost reliability and connectivity.

Currently, manufacturers are required to disclose their products' specific absorption rate (SAR) level in the user's manual or on a separate sheet within the consumer purchase packing container the phone is in. It is not required to be on the display packaging or even on the manufacturer's website, however.

These numbers are also available on the FCC's website. While that is at least a step in the right direction, the numbers themselves are from an experiment that has been found to be woefully inaccurate. Some scientists have argued that the SAR number often bears little resemblance to the actual phone's radiation levels as they affect the user's head.

Even if the numbers were accurate, they would only be accurate for adults, since it's known that the smaller the head, the larger the dosage of radiation received from the device.

Cell phone users should keep the phone as far from their bodies as possible when talking. Use a headset, speaker, or other device to distance yourself from the phone. Limit your total use of the phone as much as possible and definitely do not let your children have their own cell phone. These and other recommendations from the EWG3 are the best way to lower your risks if you can't bring yourself to stop using your mobile phone altogether.

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