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Originally published September 18 2009

Sweet Potatoes: Improve Your Health with this Autumn Super Food

by Sheryl Walters

(NaturalNews) One of the most nutritious and beneficial foods that you can add to your diet is also one of the most famous of all the Fall comfort foods - sweet potatoes. Many Americans have this South American tuber (meaning root) as part of their Thanksgiving Day feast. Not only is this beautiful bright orange vegetable a comfort food staple, but it is also one of the most healthy of the so called Super foods. Super foods have a superior amount of nutrients compared to other types of foods.

Sweet potatoes are naturally rich in antioxidants and also contain beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. These natural anti-inflammatory vegetables can have a positive effect on conditions like asthma, allergies, and even arthritis and have been confirmed to show moderate results to this effect in nutritional studies. Sweet potatoes are also high in natural fiber and calcium. They are vitamin rich containing tremendous amounts of potassium, folate, vitamin c, and beta carotene. These vegetables are so high in beta carotene that, in fact, they are being encouraged for cultivation in parts of the world where malnutrition and a serious lack of vitamin A rich foods have caused deficiencies in children to be wide spread.

One little known fact about sweet potatoes is that they are on the list of beneficial foods for a diabetic diet. They are naturally sweet to the taste buds, but when consumed, sweet potatoes release their natural sugar in the form of glucose into the body at a much slower rate. This process places sweet potatoes on the list of low glycemic index consumables. Foods like these allow diabetics to better manage their blood sugar levels by preventing fast release and quick rise of glucose in the bloodstream.

Sweet potatoes are easy to prepare and their natural sweetness appeals to most people. Even children enjoy eating sweet potatoes. The comfort food tradition of adding whipping cream or butter and sugar is unnecessary but can be easily simulated by adding some natural applesauce and cinnamon to baked mashed sweet potatoes.

Just by participating in a great American Fall comfort food tradition you can be adding an amazingly nutritious super food to your diet. Sweet potatoes will increase your fiber and calcium, increase your vitamin intake, level out your blood sugar, help with your arthritis, and improve your eyesight. What more could you ask for in a comfort food that is also a super food.

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